Detox your reading diet by reading something other than tech.

Great resource by @aishashok14. Check it out! 👇

if you're someone who only reads tech, why not venture into other interesting reads *outside* of tech? (life is better outside of tech 😌)

love how @aishashok14 curated this fun list of reads about art, literature, food, and more. check it out!

Looking to find some interesting reads outside of tech, startups, and work? Discover 100+ articles about food, places, art, and more at, made by @aishashok14 🎈

this is good, especially if you want to expand your reading range beyond technology and startups and all that. some really fun reads, courtesy @aishashok14. curation game is 💯

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Val Sopi

I read way too much tech related stuff, so all algorithms (naturally) keep suggesting the same stuff my way. This is a nice break from all of that. Keeping it open on a tab!

Looking to expand your info diet away from just tech?

Take a break with this curated list from @aishashok14.

Take a break from tech this weekend. Check out @aishashok14's

Absolutely love this and I must admit I’ve spent about 30+ minutes easily reading something worthy instead of endlessly scrolling.

I learned a few KitKat candy facts from one of the suggested sources.

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Bala Pratip Raj

Wow!!! This looks interesting.

That's impressive. Congratulations! 🤩

Seems really interesting :)

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Zainab Choudhary

This is really interesting. A good reading break :)

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Pavithra Krishnaswamy

This is so cool! And real neat. Quite inspiring, Aishwarya. Makes ideas-to-implementation seem less daunting, when I see such projects come alive.