@GergelyOrosz's newsletter is probably one of the best investments that anyone who works in Engineering can make.

Regardless of seniority, stack or the company you work at.

For me, it's a way to:
- Keep up with tech news
- See how other teams work
- Peek into eng best practises

From my experience, this is one of the best resources for people in tech that I've found on the internet. I seriously recommend this newsletter.

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Daniel Beach
Senior Data Engineer at Rippleshot

If you are not following Gergely Orosz and his work on The Pragmatic Engineer you are truly missing out. I've learned more from reading this newsletter than from any class/course I've every taken.

If you're a software engineer, you work with engineers, or you're looking to get into tech, @GergelyOrosz is a must-follow.

He knows what it's like in the trenches.

My neck is sore from nodding in agreement to all of his stuff!


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Željko Plesac
Director at Infinum Alliance

I'm trying to stay on top of the news happening in the IT industry, and I've been subscribed to Hackernews, Hustle, and a couple of platform-specific newsletters (like Android weekly) for almost ten years.

But nothing compares with the Pragmatic engineer newsletter, authored by Gergely Orosz.

The level of in-depth information and knowledge sharing is out of this world. It's one of the best newsletters focusing on the IT market, and the premium subscription is worth every cent.

Keep up the excellent work, and looking forward to new issues.

I am always a teeny tiny bit happy and satisfied when we already do things the way @GergelyOrosz describes them in his excellent "The Pragmatic Engineer" newsletter! Even a bit proud if I somehow was the one who introduced them :-)

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Adam Jacobs
HPC and Deep Learning Systems Engineering at NVIDIA

In this industry (industries) and this global culture, it is just impossible to find someone with integrity, intelligence, discipline, and rigor. I consistently find Orosz to be one of the few, and he has insights and visibility into the tech workplace, tech corporations, and tech operations that I am not aware of anyone else matching (and publishing).

I wish more people were as honest and as ready to confront observed reality. As able to think strategically and systematically while still having the finesse for the details / depth. And just a spot on analysis of the market forces and what companies are up to (whether they want folks to know or not).

I highly recommend following and subscribing.

Got to give a shoutout to @GergelyOrosz and the awesome writing he puts out for engineers and technical leaders. Pragmatic Engineer newsletter is gold. I have been around tech for 30+ years. The knowledge you will pick up WILL increase your market value.

Take the pragmatic engineer newsletter. $15 a month or $150 a year. What I've learned in just a single post increases my value as an employee at any company by more than $15 in a single month. That's one Uber Eats meal being delivered, and many of my friends will gladly do that.

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Jeremiah Coleman
Engineering @ Stitch Fix

Gergely Orosz has built an absolutely amazing resource for the software engineering industry, The Pragmatic Engineer. I believe that if you are a senior+ level engineer, this is one of the most invaluable resources you can have, and is worth every penny.

I got a paid subscription of The Pragmatic Engineer newsletter, by @GergelyOrosz, a few days ago.

I have now 10 tabs open with editions I want to read, and that's because I didn't even go to the archive yet.

Highly recommended to everyone in tech.


Pragmatic Engineer by @GergelyOrosz is probably the best engineering newsletter out there.

doesn't miss. Every single issue of the Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter is super high quality and filled with useful insights. 100% worth the investment if you're working in tech


Well deserved. It's the only Substack I've ever even *considered* paying for, and I've since recommended it to everyone who will listen. ☺️

Thanks for writing so insightfully for people navigating tech. 🙏

I've gotten so much from @GergelyOrosz's free newsletter so I bought a paid subscription to The Pragmatic Engineer. Bonus: access to all the previous issues. newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com/?utm_medium=we…

Do you pay for any newsletters or have ones you particularly love? Share please.

Really enjoying @GergelyOrosz’s Pragmatic Engineer newsletter.

There’s of tech content on strategy, fundraising, and CEOs’ thoughts on Chesa Boudin but very little about operating in the techno-bureaucracies that make the world go round.

It’s an important gap to fill!

I just paid for @GergelyOrosz Pragmatic Engineer newsletter recently. Loving it so far: newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com

After months of reading super high quality tweets from @GergelyOrosz, I finally subscribed to his (paid) Pragmatic Engineer newsletter. I can't wait to get the first one! Thanks for all your sharing, really! :)


Massive congrats! It truly is a fantastic newsletter and has opened up a whole part of the industry to many 🙏

I consider the insights that you share in your newsletter as a map for the maze of software engineering careers. Any “pragmatic engineer” should have it in order to avoid wasting time in that maze ! Thank you !

Congratulations for the milestone 🎉

Well deserved. You're the only paid newsletter I'm currently subscribed to and I would pay even if it were more expensive.

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Laura Tacho
Engineering Leadership Coach and VP of Engineering

The Pragmatic Engineer is one of the few engineering management publications that I reference routinely. If you’re an engineering leader and not yet subscribed, try it out for a month. There’s a list of all the past year’s articles in the post below.

I do! I don’t comment much on Twitter about your newsletter, but thank you for taking the time to put them out there. So much great info in them. Keep up the great work!

You have great content, with so much thought and learning put into each post. Subscribed annually this week, loving it! You totally deserve this! 1 of the 1000, 👋🏻 from Amsterdam :)

Just started subscribing in the last few weeks. It's really an amazing resource, Gergely. You should be proud.

Nice Gergely! The Pragmatic Engineer is one of the rare newsletter I gladly pay for. The information is super valuable for engineering managers and to understand better the tech industry in general.👍

Neil Matthams
Founder & Talent Sourcer @ functionn

⚡️As a sourcer or recruiter, you live and die by your market knowledge. There’s a ton of amazing resources out there but I only pay for one substack; The Pragmatic Engineer by Gergely Orosz. The depth of insight is second to none and the ROI is insane. Highly recommend to any tech recruiter looking to be better.

After years of following his tweets and nodding along , finally became a paid @GergelyOrosz newsletter subscriber and it’s very good. Here’s a snippet on coming into a new team’s engineering culture. (btw he did not pay me to write this tweet and don’t sleep on it)

I joined too. @GergelyOrosz’ insights on remote compensation and industry trends were invaluable during my recent hunt. They’ve already paid for about 200 years of The Pragmatic Engineer.

Pragmatic Engineers is the insider newspaper for the tech industry.

Not: “AI is changing the world, says famous musician”

But: “Facebook is laying off staff, here is the criteria they are using to decide who”