One of the most responsive and beautifully designed prayer app I’ve ever used. @thepillarsapp 🙏🏽

omggg a Prayer app with no ads? DROP IT NOW SIR

Perfect timing! Finally lucky enough to be testing the @thepillarsapp - so smooth, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Instant classic. In love. So excited to use my phone now 🤩

don’t think I’ve eagerly waited for an app as much as I have for @thepillarsapp

I’m just happy when I see @thepillarsapp design on my tl

Wow, the design is absolutely beautiful!

Having used the app for a day now, honestly blown away by how seamlessly it runs and how gorgeous the designs are. Literally everything you need in a prayer app 🔥

Beautifully simplistic, ad free and no privacy concerns? @Tariq_J99 @AboudAbbas @thepillarsapp have smashed it

Looks like a beautiful alternative to Muslim pro and its ads

When the developer is a Muslim 🙌

Ayoo .. genuinely excited for this app, can't remember how many "Islamic" apps i've had to delete because of intrusive and over use of in-app ads.

Really curious to read up on a case study about this @asabbas98 iA.

Love the design of this! Being ad free is a bonus, as alot of the apps you have to pay for the ad free version. Look forward to using this.

broo this looks soo clean, cant wait for the app to drop

The design alone is enough to make me switch

Beta testing @thepillarsapp from Sweden - and it’s perfect. My mum has been looking for an easy to use, reliable and safe prayer app and this is just that ✨🌙 The design is also stunning!! Well done @asabbas98 & @Tariq_J99

Just downloaded the beta version of the @thepillarsapp and the UI is so satisfying سبحان الله. 🥺☺️

May الله (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) reward the Muslims who spent time putting together this app for the use of the Ummah immensely, and forgive us all for all of our sins (Āmeen).

👀 I look forward to the release of this app. Privacy first – no need to worry about the misuse of your data.

I’m not even joking @thepillarsapp is one of the smoothest apps I’ve used in a long time. It’s sleek and beautiful 😍 absolutely easy and simple to use. Best part, it doesn’t share data with anyone else😉

So beautiful and slick 👌👌👌

Countdown till iftaar with @thepillarsapp 😍 Love their clean look mash’Allah!

the way all these other adhan apps throw episode ads in my face when i’m just tryna check salah times 😭 i cant wait for this app

This looks amazing, can’t wait 🤩

Lovely app! Would love to get on the Beta version. Can’t wait to use it this Ramadan.

Can’t wait for this to drop. This widget is going straight onto my first page 😍

May Allah grant the guys behind @thepillarsapp endless Barakah! The beta is so so clean 🤩 can we just appreciate. Masha Allah!

I’ve never been so excited to use an app before @thepillarsapp! Tried the beta vn and I love it’s aesthetics so much 🤩

Best thing is they’re building it in public so I feel like a part of it’s growth 🙌🏽

Hoping this app will be the answer to my timetable problems! 👀😄

Can’t wait to start using the @thepillarsapp this Ramadan 🤲🏾

Well, @thepillarsapp, you guys have have literally answered my prayers! 🤩

It’s clean, simple, and easy to use. Could not have asked for more

ngl i been using muslim pro but they’re releasing this soon which looks good

Looks great! Also just showed the video to my techphobic parents and looks easy enough for them to use

Pleasure to beta test @thepillarsapp during #ramadhan2021. Love the sleek minimalist design. Good value, data privacy, and honesty = a permanent place on my home-screen!

SubhanAllah look how amazing this looks 🥵 @thepillarsapp defo an app to get when it launches

I love this already! 😍 The onboarding process was sleek and the design is 🔥

I love that two of our Muslim brothers didn’t get enraged by the Muslim Pro app selling our data, they just went give us two mins and whipped up an alternative! Allahumma Bariik, we need more people that come with solutions rather than a Twitter thread 🧵

↪️ @thepillarsapp ↩️

Muslim pro moveee aside, can’t wait to download this app 🤩

finally downloaded a trustworthy prayer app n it’s too slick 🔥 @thepillarsapp

Downloaded @thepillarsapp last night and look how beautiful it is with different colour schemes for night and day🥺💛 It even has a qibla function which I checked around the house

I’m so picky when it comes to apps, if it isn’t clean and slick I just won’t use it. Very excited about this one

Shout out to the @thepillarsapp team! Needed a replacement for my prayer times app, and they delivered. Alhamdillah

My new night time routine:
Open @thepillarsapp -> Check Fajr time -> carry on eating

Great app, well designed and user friendly. Masha’Allah

So yesterday I tested the beta version of @thepillarsapp and I loved it.

It’s easy to set up, took less than a minute and the designs are simple and beautiful.

Really love the colors too. Can’t wait for more to come. Adhan and everything.

We sat down with the founders of the @ThePillarsApp - the Muslim prayer app that everyone loves - to discuss their journey and what they hope to see in the future for the Muslim community!

Read the full interview with @asabbas98 @Tariq_J99 here 👇…

Absolutely honoured to receive an opportunity to test this amazing (and aesthetic) app.

I’m at ease knowing my data is not going to be sold or shared and that those behind this app are like me - Muslim!

Alhamdulilah, @asabbas98 and I loved our conversation with @freshlyfaisal for @FreshlyGrounded, can’t wait for you all to see it tomorrow InshaAllah!

❌ No data collected
❌ No adverts
✔️ Muslim built

🤲 University students @asabbas98 and @Tariq_J99 created @ThePillarsApp after a popular prayer app reportedly sold users' personal data, causing controversy across social media

#Islam #Muslim #Apps #technology #prayer

How beautiful is this interface?

A major thank you to the amazing team over at the @thepillarsapp for the opportunity to beta-test! 👏

May Allah bless you and reward you immensely for this!

I love this layout, simple but stylish and very user-friendly Mashallah Tabarakallah🙌🏾

The absolute legends @asabbas98 and @Tariq_J99 on @GMA!!!!

Amazing to see @ThePillarsApp on mainstream news but also to see positive stories from Muslims shared on the news. Allahumma barik 🎉

Love the design of this App.

Cc @ThePillarsApp @asabbas98 @Tariq_J99

Shot with the 📷50MM @ F 1.2

Graciously got an invite from @thepillarsapp for beta testing

Beautiful design
Amazing features and straightforward

I hope they make a widget feature and Android too 😎

This is what our Ummah needs

Muslims with initiative mA
@asabbas98 & @Tariq_J99

I see you all flexing on the TL with your private beta access to @thepillarsapp smh 😒 some of us have to exercise our sabr to get it. Please stop flaunting your privilege.

No ads
Privacy focused
Clean and simple user interface
@thepillarsapp is a must download

May Allah reward @tariq_j99 and @asabbas98 for their time and effort put into making this app

Very sleek app mA. May Allah reward you guys for all the work behind this and may it continue to act as sadaqa jaariya for you. Also forgive my ignorance lol but how do I get the widget feature on the iPhone?

Testing the @thepillarsapp data privacy + so easy to use. The colours and design are so calming and aesthetically pleasing! This will be so useful for our parents too Inshallah. 💙🤍

is a great example of a standard Muslim software developers need to look up to. Great work @asabbas98 and the team. Allah bless you all!

This without ads and guaranteed privacy?? Yessiirrre @thepillarsapp

The Pillars team @asabbas98 @Tariq_J99 have done an amazing job of building the ‘Pillars’ prayer app. Come and celebrate their journey below 😄⬇️

“The Pillars App Story” by @ThePillarsApp

is a student who's is building @ThePillarsApp. They are serving a huge market, and I hope they succeed.

Abdul-Rahman, listen to @TrevMcKendrick speaking on the MFM podcast about how he's built and sold a bible app.

Just BETA-tested @thepillarsapp

Simple, beautiful, transparent + NO ADS!!!

Really inspired by what the 2 UK co-founders have made mA!

It’s here and it’s beautiful. May Allah reward the two brothers for their efforts @Tariq_J99 @asabbas98 .

@thepillarsapp get the app ASAP.

alhamdulillah @thepillarsapp is a simple, concise salah app with no privacy issues, no ads and no confusing info.

10/10 recommend. may Allah swt reward the brothers behind this app and put barakah in their work✨

I’m always captivated by @asabbas98’s vision and drive when he speaks. I’ve always known him to align his work with the etiquette/adab of Islam and that’s a rare trait

His project @ThePillarsApp is disrupting the way we build ethical + user-focused mobile apps

His story 👇🏽

A must have app for all Muslims out there. Minimalistic, elegant and best of all, no Ads! سُـبْـحَـانَ ٱلله super happy for my boy @thepillarsapp @Tariq_J99 for this wonderful creation. Miles apart from the other apps currently in the store. They’ve just scrapped the surface...

Just downloaded the @thepillarsapp! I am loving the experience! Jazakallah kheyr brother.

oh man, this app is so beautifully designed ✨

so excited to use it further iA


Mashallah what an outstanding and beautiful app 🎉

is amazing. That’s it. That’s the tweet! May Allah swt place immense barakah in this project. 😊

absolutely love this mashaallah may allah give you plenty of rewards for making this app for the community 🤲🏼🤍

mA bro it's so good to see this app go from just an idea to where it is today! Well done

Just downloaded the app and shared it with my brother. Very impressive! Masha Allah. Well done!

Fits beautifully on my Home Screen 😍

finally I can delete MuslimPro (and their 5000 ads) lol

Allahuma barik just downloaded it. Absolutely love the design 😍

Just come across the website, love the branding and UI, can’t wait to experience the app!

The design of the App is just Insane, thank each member of the team for their Amazing Work 🤩