7,089 tweets a hour discuss #ChatGPT.

Sifting through all the tweets is hard.

Use @bardeenai to find the tweets with highest impressions in #AI, #Notion...any topic you like.

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Giacomo Melzi
I build digital solutions to automate and scale business operations saving 1000s of hours to busy SMEs 🤖 | Operations | Automation | Product management

Save all the people that commented on any Linkedin posts to Google Sheets ↓

All in 1 click via automation magic 🪄

Use it to:

→ Get a list of active profiles from your posts or popular ones by your fav creators (👀 Jake Ward)

→ Check all the comments without endless clicking on “Load More”

→ Save the profiles of potential engaged prospects

→ Use it to make sure you are connected with all your active followers

This automation does all the hard work for you.

It gets name, headline, profile link and comments of the commenters and saves them to Google Sheets, Notion or even your CRM 🔥

Would you like the template of my automation?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll write a guide on how to set it up.

Shout out to Bardeen for all the cool stuff one can build with it!

PS: use it to find and connect with great profiles not to spam them! Spamming is lame and will probably get you blocked ;)


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#automation #linkedin #googlesheets

Came up with a cool use case with @bardeenai to create a job board of hot freelance gigs announced on LinkedIn.

Here's a video talking about this in detail: youtu.be/sdRhvVRdHR0

The playbook is here: bardeen.ai/s/JB1CTkQ1HxIU


Ignacio Velásquez Franco profile photo from LinkeIn
Ignacio Velásquez Franco
Best Notion Creator in LATAM | No-code Development | Automation Expert | Project Management | Content Marketing | Growth Hacking | Product Hunter | Serial Indie Maker

I automated my community research tasks with Bardeen.

- It took me 10 minutes to create it.
- Will save me 5 minutes every time I use it.

That's what I call ROI.

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One of my favorite automations I’ve created with @bardeenai thus far:

Automatically Update a Google Sheets Chart with Data from Notion.

Here is it: bardeen.ai/shared-playboo…
And here's what it looks like working: youtube.com/watch?v=yJ7vfJ…

Juan Sebastián Escobar Rossi profile photo from LinkeIn
Juan Sebastián Escobar Rossi
Technical Recruiter, Sourcer, talent Match-Maker and HR Geek🛼

My favorite Bardeen's playbook must be the version of the Recruitment AI Email that I personalized into working with Linkedin Recruiter: https://lnkd.in/eAqcpbR6.

It has allowed me to bring a more personalized approach to my messages (and also having better responses for my outreaches) as saving me time on writing Linkedin Inmails.


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Aayush Maheshwari
Founder's Office @ Docsumo | Click FOLLOW to save hours of Productivity Tips, Automation and Personal Growth research |

Competitions last post crossed 500 likes?

Save the LinkedIn profiles of all who liked it

In less than 30 seconds 👇

This automation will help:
→ Identify people talking to the competition
→ Provide a list of people you can connect
→ Build more Ideal customer profiles

It will auto-fetch:
→ Names
→ Profile links
→ Headlines
→ Profile pictures

Did you find this helpful?

Want this automation? Tell me in the comments below ↓

P.S. Bardeen you’re amazing ❤️

#productivity #automation #

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Amit S.
Building scalable systems for SMBs using SaaS, Nocode, Automation (Glide Apps, Softr, Noloco, Zapier Certified Expert)

Came up with a cool use case with Bardeen to create a job board of hot freelance gigs announced as posts on LinkedIn using the #findapro and ‘find an expert’ feature.

Here's a video talking about this in detail: youtu.be/sdRhvVRdHR0

The playbook is here: bardeen.ai/s/JB1CTkQ1HxIU

Request to LinkedIn: make it a new product so we don’t have to collect this data in a different platform.

#bardeenanniversary #freelance #linkedin #jobs #marketing #design #accounting

Joining @bardeenai's #bardeenanniversary challenge with this automation I've created earlier - scraping IG profiles based on the 'similar profiles' section.

Here's the link to it: bardeen.ai/shared-playboo…


Ryan O'Connor profile photo from LinkeIn
Ryan O'Connor
Business Analyst at MYOB

Thoroughly enjoying using Bardeen and their playbook features.
Some good technology allowing you to automate workflows and save time daily.

I use this awesome automation Scrape, cleanup with Chatgpt, and categorize leads in both Sheets and Trello bardeen.ai/s/TEByVlAfd0hq