KP has been such an inspiring teammate and friend at On Deck

He was one of the people who motivated me to join the team

If you’re looking to build an amazing tech & builder community, check him out

has had maaaasive impacts on so many builders in the no-code space. I wouldn't have known about no-code if it weren't for a meetup he hosted a few years ago.

Excited to see where he lands next, whoever gets the good fortune of working with him is so very lucky✨

Exciting times ahead KP! I can’t wait to see what you do next. Thanks for being a beacon for the no-code community. Your positivity is infectious.

Very few people have made more of an impact on me and my career than @thisiskp_ . He is a master community creator, a tireless cheerleader, and one of the most genuinely likable humans I've ever known. Whoever snags this guy next is one lucky f*cker.

The community KP built at OD's NoCode program had the best culture of any online community I've ever participated. Plus, "builds in public" = boldness. He has mastered skills that are foundational to the discovery, evaluation, & coaching of the next generation of great founders.

Only the beginning KP

You launched my journey into @supsync and one of the most amazing community I’ve know


You’re a legend KP. Thanks for all your support over the past year and welcoming Coda in to ODNC.

If there is one person I’m excited about for his next chapter it is KP!

Genuinely if you look for help with community, growth, and how to build in public, founders, here's your chance!

It’s well deserved man, you’re a rockstar!

KP - your leadership is transcendent. You are the reason many people discover OnDeck, No-code, and new passions. Looking forward to your next move.

was the first Twitter friend I made.

I'll forever be grateful to him for jumping on a call with a random, ultra shy 22yr old from London with nothing but a desire to 'build things'.

Pay it forward to your previous self by helping others just getting started.

Thank you KP for creating so many opportunities for #no-code creators and founders! Your authenticity, vulnerability and integrity are truly inspiring.

Excited to see what’s next for you! 🐐 🙌🏼

KP I would co-sign for you x 100

Congrats on all the amazing achievements! Where ever you go next will be very luck to have you on their team!

KP, it's a sad news. But I believe this is just the beginning.

You are capable of doing magic! The community you built is gold standard. With the kind of stuff you have, you can do wonders.

Always rooting for you, may the nocode power be with you.

My dude. You are a legend. I cannot wait to see what you do next.

Anyone would be lucky to work with you. Thank you for being the first person ever to introduce me to no code!

KP, you really transformed careers of hundreds of #nocoders out there, me included. I'm forever grateful man! Good luck with whatever comes into your life! ✊

Offer this man what he wants. You won't regret it.

Amazing work KP, you were the reason I signed up to ODNC Foundations in the first place 💪👏👏👏

There will be some fighting over you, I’m sure! You are the beacon of real authentic value to a community… in the form of content, community building, thought leadership, and uplifting of others… excited to see what new communities are lucky enough to have you!

KP is one of the most prolific and talented folks I know. I’ve learned a ton from him and his energy is infectious. I’m very excited for KP and the next chapter because I have no doubt he will be successful. Reach out to @thisiskp_ Before it’s too late!

KP, I’m so grateful to have met you at OD! Wherever you continue, I’m sure you will positively impact a great amount of people, and they will be so lucky to have met you. Wishing you much success! 🙌

The impact you've had on the No Code and Build in Public world is simple incredible KP.

I'm so thankful for being able to share a small part of the journey so far with you.

All the best with everything that lies ahead. I'm sure you'll absolutely knock it out of the park🚀

Absolutely, without an iota of doubt.

He is always giving and has a plethora of knowledge startups will benefit from.

KP - Where ever you go next will be fortunate to have you onboard. I learned so much from you and ODNC. You build people up which is so valuable.

Can't wait to see what you create/build in the future.

you're going to get so many offers man, exciting times ahead!

When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.

KP has been consistent in his effort to uplift everyone around him!

And thank you @thisiskp_ for all what you have helped me! I‘m really thankful to know you

I know you’re going to absolutely crush whatever it is you do next, and I can’t wait to see what that is!

I really loved our time as co-founders too, please let me know if I can help you in any way!

You’re a legend KP

You the man KP! You are truly a legend within On Deck and your impact will be felt for years to come. Cannot wait to see what you cook up next 🚀

You’ve done so much for the nocode and build in public community! Pretty sure it will be another exciting chapter 😊😊 can’t wait!

Feeling very grateful and wishing you all the best.

PS: here’s my prediction again: forget about following the startup, vc-driven, unicorn-chasing, web3, multiverse and cripto gold-rush. Don’t follow along with the flock. Build your own new-media. Become the nonfiction Oprah 🤣

KP is the real deal… any company or startup would be privileged to swoop him up come end of May.

You’re an absolute 🐐my friend 👊🏽

you are awesome KP - thank you for helping spread the love of no-code to so many more people! Looking forward to all you do next 🚀

KP has an amazing talent for instilling belief capital into any community he leads and I’ll be closely following his next projects.

It’s no understatement to say meeting KP changed my life and I’ve been honoured to with work him at ODNC 🙏

DM him ASAP to add 🔥 to your team 🙌

Hire this man. It’s as simple as that.

A one man community creating army, god tier content creator, nocode legend and all round super nice guy.

Read this thread and if you need any of these elements, take advantage of this opportunity. You won’t regret it.

KP, you've been an inspiration to me for both no-code and community building. Happy to have crossed paths with you in 2020.

Exciting times ahead for you! 🚀

Wherever you go next, KP you'll do an amazing job. You've inspired 1000's of people to get up and go whether it's building-in-public, grasping NoCode or simply launching & learning the right way. I hope you continue to be a vital leader in this NoCode movement...

It's been a privilege to see your arc, sir. I know you will do exciting things moving forward 🦾

Perhaps is time to take those sharpened community skills into web3? 🪙

Happy hunting and best of luck to you wherever you land


Thank you @thisiskp_ for wonderful time at On Deck… you are legend & a lot of people would love to work with you 🤩

Looking forward to seeing where you land next. Any co would be lucky to have you. Also excited to see what you build next :)

Your support and inspiration for the #nocode community has been second to none KP. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

KP is one of the rising starts in startup land. If you want an intro, feel free to DM. Without his engagement in On Deck and No-Code the community would not be at this amazing health. I‘m super excited, who is next. I hope @bubble or @webflow are making offers.

Love how supportive and encouraging you are to founders just getting started KP!

From seeing all your interactions I can see how you've helped so many, including me. Wishing you every fortune and abundance in next phase. 🌞

What an honor it has been to build #ODNC alongside KP.

He’s a world-class community builder and above all, a genuinely good person & friend who is never afraid to experiment.

The world is better (and has way more ideas shipped) thanks to KP. I’ve learned so much from him.