Just bought @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right" e-book and I can't wait to dig in.

Learning from the best is the ultimate life's trick.

Favourite chapters from @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right to improve content production:

• Diversification
• Distribution is a Multiplier
• Creating Value > Capturing Value
• Bedrock Channels v. Viral Platforms

Over 270 Pages of Content Gold


Looking for a new book?

This is, without a doubt, one of the best marketing books I've read. I had to put it down 10+ times because I wanted to ship so many ideas I got from reading it.

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio 👇


Finally finished working through all of @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right. This book is meaty! Well worth the $40 (and more tbh).

Here were the parts that stood out to me.


Reading "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio. Love the hands-on approach, no mumble jumble, no cutting corners. Quality is defined by what is left out as much as by what is included. Go get it, you'll have an edge on the game bit.ly/steph-smith

I'm only a chapter into this book and I can't recommend it enough.

If you are serious about blogging, you should check it out.

I love how Steph is doing live sessions in theme with the book. I stayed up last night reading so that I can be ready for her first session today. ☺️

Such a good framework for discovering opportunity. From ⁦@stephsmithio⁩’s new book.

Honestly, I bought this last week and it's been blowing my mind. So much to learn but thankful for such a resource! And waking up to a bonus chapter? You're a legend @stephsmithio

Just finished reading "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio. My verdict: pure value, from title to the back cover! 👏

What I loved most is that it didn't promise any quick hacks. Content is a long game, but it's the best way to stand out online 👇


Read "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio this weekend. It's loaded w/ sound advice (SEO is king), current resources, and actionable guidance.

Highly recommended to anyone building newsletter.


From @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right. Incredible nuggets. Feeling understood and tended to on every page!

Finally getting around to digging into @stephsmithio 's Doing Content Right.

So far:

*jam packed with interesting examples, anecdotes, companies, products I've never heard of before
*has worthwhile exercises
*feels like a book that you study, not skim


Bought @stephsmithio book on doing content right. Some very good insights, history and story there! It is very important to think how viral one can go. The Trends writing for black friday sales is an example of this.

“ANYTHING that you’ve spent an above average time learning about can be translated into information that is going to valuable to the average person”

Just started but already loving the insights like this from @stephsmithio in Doing Content Right 🔥

I would say of myself that I read a lot of books.

Some of them were very good, some I didn't like, but none of these books were of as great value as @stephsmithio "Doing Content Right".

You should learn from her and all the experiences she covers in her book.

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As a creator, one of the best books I've read this year is @stephsmithio's Standing out in 2020: Doing Content Right.


Steph leads the @TheHustle's Trends team, so she knows how to create, write, and scale a successful blog & newsletter to millions of readers.

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If you're a writer/creator/maker doing any of these:

- Creating a blog
- Writing a newsletter
- Growing your audience
- Trying to get your content to stand out

@stephsmithio's book Doing Content Right is the perfect resource for you.

A thread with some of my fav quotes👇

Just as I read "Doing Content Right", I feel compelled to write to you. @stephsmithio

Truly, it's a pure gem of a book. A must-read for every content creator.

Steph, you're definitely a GENIUS.

Keep up the amazing work.

Today I bought @stephsmithio ‘s e-book. I love Steph’s work & wanted to learn more from her. Well, I’m one chapter in & am already devouring it. She’s a phenomenal writer & has woven in so many unique & valuable ideas. 10/10 would recommend!

I feel expanded so much as I read through it while taking notes. It feels like I am seeing things through a fresh lens that feels right and makes sense. I can tell the work you've done, Steph, on the material because it feels comprehensive but not overbearing

Just finished the first chapter of @stephsmithio's new book, Doing Content Right. I will be meditation on the question of "Idea Ikigai".

@stephsmithio is also kindly offering live sessions. Highly recommend Steph's first book! 🎉🎉🎉

Bought your ebook before the launch, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! All the building blocks I need in a pdf. Well done you 💙

Just started reading Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio. Lots of value here. Well researched and super actionable. Looking forward to the upcoming live sessions.

Getting stuck into Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio. Always appreciate quality content in these noisy times 🙉

I'm loving the analogies from real life provided in the guide "Doing Content Right". It makes me keep reading the guide.

@stephsmithio Thank you for creating such an essential guide for beginners like me.


Thanks for everything @stephsmithio. Highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to write online.

GREAT job with all of the online sessions, Steph! I learned SO much!

This was so fun and informative ! Doing Content Right definitely gave me the final push I needed to start sharing more of my work online, thanks Steph !

Thanks again Steph! Feeling very inspired and excited to get my learnings actioned, notably migrating to @Ghost 👀

3. Resources. I owe a lot of what my strategy looks like and what my long-term goals are to the Internet.
- @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right" is basically my bible. Thanks, Steph.
- @Julian's "Writing Well" guide sits in an open tab I have not closed in 6+ weeks.