I like it! :) I think there are often some straightforward configuration wins for DDB tables that can save money without making code changes. Nice work and nice video!

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Michał Widanka
AWS Cloud Engineer

Thanks to the CloudPouch application, monitoring AWS cloud costs has become part of my daily to-do list. Regular usage has allowed me to notice recurring patterns in generated costs and pinpoint problematic configurations. Ultimately, this has resulted in a reduction of AWS costs in the project by more than 50% on a monthly scale, and there are still visible anomalies, the removal of which will save even more.

That's great. A nice, tidy and low cost solution.
For safety in case a customer renews within the remaining time, does DeactivatePaidLicense check the customer before cancelling fully?


I tested the @CloudPouch by @pzubkiewicz

Clear overview of AWS costs. But the real gem are Cost Insights 💎

Here is recommends changing Provisioned Capacity to On Demand for unused tables in the development environment 🎯


The other solution is to close your knowledge in tools/offering and go for a scale.

Look what @pzubkiewicz is doing with his @CloudPouch

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Cloudpouch - know your AWS costs!
Paweł Piwosz

I really like the tool. Yes, we can agree it is extension to AWS Billing, but it gives to us better view of our spendings. Definitely better. It is visual, it is interactive, very configurable. And most importantly, Cloudpouch supports us with costs optimization. For limited number of services, but I strongly believe, that more will come soon.

🚨 New release alert! 🚨 New Cost Insights for AWS EC2 include a link to the predefined CloudWatch metrics chart, helping you identify over-provisioned instances and streamline your operations.

Try it out today and start saving time and money!



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No-code / low-code micro indie maker.

People don't realize how useful this tool is until they try to figure out pricing on aws the first time. Nice work!

You nailed it!

Desktop apps for AWS seem to be happening, checkout @cloudashdev @CloudPouch @loladotdev

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Kim Salmi

Nicely integrates with ~/.aws/credentials so no setup needed. Really slick design and it felt fast.

Paweł Zubkiewicz created Cloudpouch, the cost control and optimization tool. I am no programmer at all, but I can write the review. So I did :) dev.to/pawelpiwosz/cl…

#awscommunitybuilders #aws #costsoptimization #devops

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Rafał Wołoszyn

Super cool idea of Paweł ! For sure worth to try it and it's for sure better than AWS Budget calculator !

#fyi CloudPouch – See. Understand. Reduce AWS Costs cloudpouch.dev

CloudPouch: See, understand, and reduce AWS costs producthunt.com/posts/cloudpou… by @pzubkiewicz

You may want to know this 🖖💪👍: CloudPouch | ift.tt/3nYVfZq

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Maciej Cupial
📅 Bootstrapping calendesk.com

The idea is amazing! I hope to see this product at the top of the table today!

Good idea. Let me check that


Nice application, @pzubkiewicz! Do you also support amortized costs, forecast, etc?