How do NBA players prepare, perform and recover⁠?

In this podcast, Jay Porterfield (@JHPorterfield), Performance Scientist for the LA Clippers shares how Crescent uniquely combines human expertise and data to provide personalized coaching for sleep, recovery and performance

From my experience using many of these sleep technologies

Working with a real-life sleep coach via @joincrescentco was far more effective than a sleep score...


1. The ability to share additional info
2. Personalized programming
3. Accountability

Let me explain...

has been super helpful in helping me understand and improve my sleep!

@JoshuaTCollin thank you so much for all the help you and the entire team are doing to help me optimize recovery

One thing about me: I don’t play about my sleep!

That being said, s/o to @BioloopSleep for helping me improve my sleep so that I can maximize my recovery and reach my goals.

Super proud of my dear friend (@JoshuaTCollin) for co-founding this start up!

Have been doing a Yoga nidra/NSDR as part of my current wind-down recently through the @joincrescentco app.

Seems to be having a significant impact for me for falling asleep faster, improving recovery and reducing stress before bed.

starting September with trialing a beautiful app & cool startup @joincrescentco!

sleep is the foundational pillar all other health facets rely on - what are you curious about the app/product/service?

might need to write something on it.

1/3 of US adults don’t get enough sleep.

Deep, @BioloopSleep, @risescience, and @eightsleep are tackling this problem.

Next up, expect to see more smart saunas and sensory experiences from the likes of Ancient Ritual, Florens, and OPUS.

Been using @joincrescentco for a few months and I've been getting my best sleep ever. Great seeing my data being used to create personalized sleep plans + custom recommendations. The accountability from having a coach is super useful too.

HMU if you want a guest pass!

....waking up feeling like you can positively and enthusiastically take on the day and share your creative energy and highest self with the world.

Such a big fan of @BioloopSleep and my sleep coach Lauren in helping me do this!

fasting can also do wonders for your sleep and recovery 😴 (at least for me it does; see below)

Not sure if you've seen any changes in your sleep quality while doing more fasting.

via @joincrescentco 👇🏼

Been using oura ring for a long time now and tried quite a few things. The data driven coaching from @BioloopSleep really made a difference. Give it a try. I am not affiliated but I feel your pain, been there.

starting my sleep journey w the oura ring

thx for icing me up @BioloopSleep ❄️

“personalized sleep coaching has arrived.”

The @ouraring and @BioloopSleep together are a must have sleep improvement tech stack.

We all want a good night’s sleep, but how we get there is different for each of us, says Jenna (@sleepresolve), a sleep health expert w/ @bioloopsleep. For one, we don’t all need 8 hours. Also our own circadian rhythms matter. Jenna’s tips for better…