I learned how to manage my 3 kids’ at-home learning using @coda_hq while working full time.

Currently rebuilding my life with @coda_hq

this. is. insane.

You guys: @coda_hq

Just wow, it's so good.


I love @coda_hq because it allows anyone to productize their workflows and refine them in an iterative way. This has revolutionized the way I approach my own work. It also made me curious if I could monetize what I'd built.

Showing people a well-organized, simple, but powerful @coda_hq doc still feels like I'm showing someone magic. Like, actual sorcery. Like, is this real life? And the more tech knowledge they have, the faster their brain explodes. #NoCode

Feeling great managing the whole project on
@coda_hq for the first time, especially when your teammates are organized and everyone is contributing to the doc.

🔥RED HOT THREAD ALERT 🔥 @ngavini SVP of Products at @Pinterest on our OKR framework and how we're using @coda_hq to help us be more efficient.

Been working all day revamping our roadmap, product updates, and Jira issues/epics – AKA the least favorite part of my job.

This time, I used @coda_hq.

I can’t get over how powerful and fast Coda is. Truly an incredible product!