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Sebastian Glock
Director of Product Marketing

Note to my younger self: Sign up for Product Marketing Summit in 2019 and make sure to never miss a single event. I learnt so much from the smartest minds in the industry and now return to my team full of ideas and insights.

Brooke Arnett profile photo from LinkeIn
Brooke Arnett
Product Marketing Manager

Wondered ➡️ Knows! 🌟 Had a blast at the Summit. Thanks, Chris Smellie, for an inspiration-packed session! Though we missed out on an Oprah-esque giveaway, the insights gained were worth their weight in gold (for both B2B and B2C PMMs). 🚀

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Kelsey Duska
Director of Product Marketing, AppLovin

"I thought it was a great, well-run event. The host was great and kept energy high. I especially enjoyed some of the more involved breakout sessions."

12 Sep 2023
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Daniella Latham
Product Marketing, Atlassian

"The Product Marketing Summit was an unrivaled opportunity to connect with extremely talented PMMs and get fantastic new insights."

7 Feb 2023
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Kendra Burnett
Product Marketer, Chegg

"PMA really changed my life and helped me get my dream job as a PMM. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this community"

6 Nov 2023
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Christine Tran
VP of Product Marketing, Quantum Metric

As far as professional conferences go, there's nothing more awesome than spending the day with hundreds of other product marketers

8 Aug 2023
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Jenny D
"Practical, easy-to-digest learning for product marketers"

I just completed the PMA Certification and was very impressed with the quality of the content, the easy-to-use learning platform, and the massive amount of bonus content, including opportunities to put learning in practice at the end of each module.

16 Oct 2022
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Megan M.
"Great course, with immediate value"

The course was clearly organized, documented, and easy to navigate. The rich resources and content provided throughout were useful, simple, and well articulated.

17 Jul 2023
Christine B.
"PMA Caters to You Wherever You Are in Your Product Marketing Journey"

I've recently been trying to pivot into Product Marketing and the PMA has been instrumental in integrating me into the community.
Each resource they offer is thoughtful and intentional.

2 Mar 2023
Onno G
"It did not only give me great new skills, but also a huge network!"

It was a fantastic experience. The course was well-structured and comprehensive, covering all the essential topics related to Product marketing!
All the content you get from it and the channels (such as their slack channels and community) makes me feel like the learning and network will not stop when finishing the course

12 Mar 2023
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Andrew L
"A Top-Tier Learning Platform for Product Marketing Excellence!"

There are numerous aspects of the Product Marketing Alliance that I appreciate, making it hard to pinpoint just one! The vast array of learning resources available is astounding and caters to all levels of expertise in product marketing.

30 May 2023