The value I get out of @flowdotclub is insane. Purple blocks represent computer time, light blue represents focused, single-task work. It's clear when I'm in FC and when I'm not, and when in FC, I'm doing my best work.

If they raised prices 5-10X, I'd pay, no questions asked.

has become the highlight of every day.

Time is the most finite resource we have, and flowclub helps me spend it in the way that most aligns to whats truly valuable for me.

What more is there to say really.

Thanks @rickyyean @dtran320 πŸ™πŸ™‚

is one of the best things I’ve discovered in 2021.

I’ve 2xed my productivity (esp awesome for founders/remote workers) and made genuine friends. The community is so enthusiastic, helpful and friendly.

Thks @rickyyean @dtran320 @formulapuff for making this!

My newest productivity tool is spending 60-90 minutes per day in and it's been great. Especially for writing talks.

I have a few invites if anyone wants to join ✨

(Bonus if you want to join me at 5:30pm ET for 90 minutes tomorrow with @rickyyean).

i'm not exaggerating when i say that @flowdotclub is the best thing that's ever happened to my productivity. such a great solution to a truly pressing problem

As nerdy as it may sound, I've gotten really into Flow Club's live video co-working for focus + camaraderie. Sessions have five-minute opening + closing rituals and 50 minutes of uninterrupted work. I have three invites if anyone wants to try it out πŸ‘€

I just tried my first @flowdotclub with @rickyyean

I immediately signed up for 2 more tomorrow πŸ”₯

takes WFH focus to the next level.

It's been huge for me because it offers an extra layer of focus commitment and the accountability of others who aren't at your company.

And it does it in a way that's not disruptive to your day-to-day work schedule too.

I’ve been a huge fan of @flowdotclub and use it a few times a week - enough that I invested in it. Can send you an invite if you want to try.

I feel exactly the same way. One thing that's been really helpful is committing specific days solely to bug fixes. Also using @flowdotclub sessions for bugs (and work I put off in general).

I'm obsessed with my productivity stack: Notion, Airtable, Loom, Cabal, Flow Club. πŸ€“

(What cool stuff am I missing??)

WeWork for deep work already exists. It’s called @flowdotclub. I heard about it a few weeks ago and I’ve now done 50 hours in it. Can’t remember the last time being this productive

Just finished my first 1 hour @flowdotclub session and loved it. Structured for accountability with check-ins at start and end of session with group. Great music and vibes. Knocked out a bunch of things I was putting off. I see a regular spot for this in my week.

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Michelle Hsu

Working for yourself has its own challenges. Discipline and consistency are high up on the list.

I’m grateful that Tamilore Oladipo invited me to Flow.Club a while back. It’s a virtual co-working platform where founders, builders, and operators drop into a flow state and get work done in a sprint format.

I’ve clocked in ~50 hours within 3.5 weeks and...
βœ”οΈ Finished 3 books (one of which was April Dunford's positioning book, thanks πŸ’₯ Tiffany Regaudie πŸ’₯ for the reco!)
βœ”οΈ Re-positioned my business and updated all of my web copy + design
βœ”οΈ Created my content strategy, editorial calendar, and content outlines
βœ”οΈ Drafted and scheduled LI + blog posts for the week
βœ”οΈ Stayed on top of my emails/admin work

First time at inbox zero in a couple of years

h/t @flowdotclub

No video games tonight. I got into the zone working. Thanks to

Last week I did 3 sessions with @preshdkumar, hosted by @rickyyean. I’m hooked. Such a great way to get on the zone, and only solidified how distracting Slack is for me. Break up your day in 50 min sprints! #flowclub