Unsubscribed Spotify premium, Apple TV, DisneyPlus, HBO and Netflix. Replaced them with @focusatwill @knowablefyi

Here’s to productivity and getting better at doing things 🍻

Pro tip: Listen to @knowablefyi courses and play games like FIFA at the same time. Multitasking done right ✅

This is great! Rooting for the whole team behind knowable. So many opportunities for this platform. Audio is powerful for learning. It reduces friction to and enables members to get what they need faster which is knowledge. A healthy habit leads to higher repeat engagement. 👏🏼🙂

I have ADHD so it’s hard for me to sit down & learn / pay attention for long periods.

This is why I ❤️ @knowablefyi

I can take amazing courses, learn & move around, go for walk or just pace.

Top 5 recent download for me.

I got myself a Knowable membership this December too! Great value and incredible content so far.

I'd highly recommend checking out @knowablefyi 's audio course, Start a Podcast (knowable.fyi/courses/how-to…)

A lot of great information and really gives you a solid foundation to not only what it takes to start and run the podcast, but to help you launch it much quicker.

If you're an audiophile who loves soaking in new factoids on the go, check out @knowablefyi. It's like a Netflix subscription for audio based learning with courses on entrepreneurship, health, and more. knowable.fyi

The @knowablefyi course for first time home buyers should be required for anyone wanting to onboard into adulthood 🙋‍♀️

10/10 recommend 🙌

All-you-can-learn for $9.99/ month - now is the best time to invest in ongoing learning for yourself. Love what @knowablefyi has been building and making this accessible for everyone

I signed up with @knowablefyi because of @alexisohanian 's course. Looking forward to diving into it tonight. Love the format and the app!

You are offering a great service! I’m excited about the @slack community access. The resources have been extremely helpful. Plus I appreciate the emails I get after I complete a chapter.

My smartest subscription, @knowablefyi, makes learning new things fun and easy, like bingeing a podcast. Know-how, no screen. knowable.fyi