Is it weird that I'm digging my new @WearAtoms so much that I don't really want to take them off? But at the same time they're a pleasure to slip off and on so like... I'm torn. Elastic laces are a revelation.

Okay… I don’t know why I waited so long but @WearAtoms are the greatest shoes of all time. The quarter size, springy laces, I have never felt so happy putting shoes on that fit soooo perfectly. 😭 😭 ❤️

I now own 3 pairs of @WearAtoms shoes with a 4th pair (new awesome Navy color) landing soon. These are the best kicks I’ve ever owned! Happy to be part of their journey through @HyperGuap @Gfilche @AGfilche

Treated myself to some @WearAtoms and went on a trial run this evening. Feels like they are massaging my feet, after a day working at the hospital. So glad I treated myself, feels like foot therapy! 👟😎

I bought my 5th and 6th pairs of @WearAtoms today.

When I'm not wearing cowboy boots, I @WearAtoms and friggin' love them. They're damned good shoes.

Come for the story of amazing humans, stay for the best shoes.

Best shoes I have ever had. ❤️💝🥰
@WearAtoms @waqasali @sidraqasim Thank you.

I have 4 pairs of @WearAtoms and they so comfy that taking off other shoes and putting them on feels like changing into sneakers after wearing ski boots

simple, beautiful, comfortable, durable, they even come in quarter sizes. I was a skeptic but they truly are the most amazing shoes EVER. I may never wear anything else

Whoa. I must say, tried on my first pair of @WearAtoms today. It’s not like anything I’ve tried on before. It’s not just another white shoe. It’s hard to explain how I feel but you just need to try a pair for yourself. Spending a couple weeks walking in 🇮🇹 in these. Stay tuned.

Monday: Nike Roshe
Tuesday: New Balance 997
Wednesday: Converse chuck
Thursday: @WearAtoms model 000
Friday: wtf was I thinking on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday?

If "cost per wear" is a thing, these may be the cheapest shoes I've ever owned. Paid $129 or whatever once and used them 6-7 days a week for 2+ years.

They may not be cheap, but they're a damn good deal.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2021!

- The Keeleys (9-5-20)

living out all my tie dye dreams with these @WearAtoms shoes and masks— today’s the last day you can order this colorway!

by far the comfiest shoes (and masks) I’ve worn in a long time. GET YOU SOME 🤘🏼🌀

Asked my wife “Hey, can you send me the size of the black @WearAtoms shoes I wear as I want to buy a new pair?”

She sends me this picture: “Which ones?”


Ordering the #Mango @WearAtoms for my Christmas present. I think I’m developing a shoe addiction. The most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned.

Was on my feet for hours today moving boxes and stocking the shelves for the liquor store...
My feet would be dead if I hadn't gotten @WearAtoms when I started... Saved my feet 😂
Wish they had some sturdier, more work friendly shoes. But their Atoms 000 are still perfect

These limited edition @WearAtoms inspired Tawny’s most extreme head tilt of all time. Need I say more?

Boom - @WearAtoms are here. My wife looked at the box and said “it’s like if Apple had designed a shoe.” 👍

Someone tipped a dollar of Bitcoin to our customer support lead at @WearAtoms with a note ↓

I’ve worn @WearAtoms almost every day for 2 years, across 5 continents and 1000s of miles.

Huge thanks to @waqasali @sidraqasim @Nivo0o0 @alexisohanian & team for creating the world’s most comfortable shoes, and for the fresh pair (my 4th!)

Tried taking a pic of me wearing the new @WearAtoms Bitcoin shoes but everything I tried ended up looking like a bootleg Sketchers ad and a pile of limbs.

Let it be known that this is a damn good looking shoe!

Look what arrived in Manila 👀 Awesome stuff from @WearAtoms 👟 Top notch quality @alexisohanian

Finally received my @WearAtoms, very nice packaging with 🧲 so excited!

Wait these quarter sized are actually genius

I was actually about to tweet about my @WearAtoms yesterday after realizing I've been wearing these essentially every day for the past 18 months (since September 2018) and they are still in phenomenal shape.

Not an investor, but genuinely love these shoes.

Thanks @WearAtoms for the dope shoes and for accommodating my size 11.25 feet 😅 oh and to my boy @nikhiljoisr

Say what?! Huge thanks to the @WearAtoms team for surprising me this weekend with a pair of their new limited edition tie-dye kicks that just dropped. 🥰🔥

I’ve never had a pair of sneaks fit my feet so well. Comfy and environment-friendly. Go order yours now!

Thanks to my friends @WearAtoms for sending me a pair of actual foot clouds! ☁️ ☁️ 👀 #sneakersaddict

This photo is going to end up as an #AwkwardTwitterPhotoCrop, but I don’t have another version....

Anyway. THANK YOU @WearAtoms for the amazing track shoes! I’m finally back to work and wearing them, and you were right - I ❤️ them! 🤗

#RaceCarFeet #BestTrackShoes

thanks to @RaymondDurk and the team at @WearAtoms for these awesome kicks!

i’ve been wearing them all over NYC on my walks and bike rides and park bench cocktails and they’re so comfy 👟

AND still crisp and clean 🧼

Best wfh / wear outside / play ping pong in shoes - thank you @WearAtoms @Nivo0o0

Love the new @WearAtoms...the initialed sole is a wonderful touch

I'll never be sick of getting feedback like this from happy @WearAtoms customers