Fun and giggles today at @GraphileHQ as we open an unexpected parcel from newest sponsors @Stellate! Heroes @mxstbr and @TimSuchanek went around the recent GraphQL Conf and collected swag for us to help make up for us not being able to attend! ⚡️💗

One of the highlights of the last year has been working with @mxstbr and @TimSuchanek as they build @Stellate (fra GraphCDN) 🥳 More on the @Boldstartvc led seed round and recent Tiger series A here:…

Just building the new embedded GraphQL IDE for our new dashboard at @Stellate! If you think that it looks a lot like the upcoming @GraphiQL's because it is! 🤩

Time to meet again! GraphQL Berlin Meetup, July 20th.
In the lineup:
🎙@heyenbrock b2b Rikki Schulte
🌭 BBQ treats and quiz prizes to boot! 🎁
More info and RSVP:…
@TheGuildDev @GraphQL @Stellate @NearForm

I haven’t seen a startup investing in their people the same way they @Stellate are. Absolutely remarkable.

They’re hiring. Go chat to them!

🚀 Where should you start when you want to speed up your #GraphQL #API? Our next speaker @TimSuchanek, Co-founder of @Stellate will help you find the answer.
👋 Take the chance to meet him in person in Wroclaw next Tuesday!
Join #GraphQLWroclaw Meetup -…

started using @Stellate for wordpress graphql, reduced our @nextjs build time from >5 mins to <20s. This is with SSG and static path gen w/ >60 blog pages. p99 response time is 9ms. this is truly impressive. thanks @mxstbr

Congrats to @mxstbr and @TimSuchanek on the new round of funding for @Stellate (previously GraphCDN).

Very excited to see the continuing growth and innovation around making GraphQL servers edge native.…

Stellate Expands on GraphQL with Caching and Other Tooling by Starr Campbell @Stellate #GraphQL

Also I had no idea Michael now works at @Stellate 😮

@TimSuchanek and @mxstbr really are gathering the crème de la crème of the GraphQL ecosystem around them 👏

So agreed - big congrats @Stellate team!

Product velocity has been incredible + look forward to what's next after GraphQL API edge caching, performance monitoring, analytics + error tracking!

Artillery 🤝 Stellate = 🥰

Curious why you use Next and Nest. Have you tried using only Next.js for your API routes?

Paired with @Stellate gives you an amazing GQL backend that scales well.

Have you read any of @SueOdio's writings on building a culture at @Stellate? I really enjoyed them. For example…

It's not often we are on the receiving end of swag mail! I love these GraphQL puns so much, good job @Stellate ⚡️

Interesting - this tech startup, @Stellate offers coaching for employees to enable everyone to do their best work.

Not just leadership coaching for the execs, but coaching help for all employees.

That's a really mature realization.…

Need to use @Stellate, @mxstbr def has good thoughts on what is best graphql stack

LOVE THIS! see @mxstbr founder of @Stellate's excitement for what they are building and massive problems they are diving into solving! #GraphQL #APIs 😎

Using @Stellate with apollo reduced my personal project response time to less than 300ms. But I still think it’s just too much for cached data. Any suggestions?

Shoutout to our #openjsworld22 Bronze Sponsor @Stellate 💫

GraphiQL is a cornerstone tool for the #GraphQL ecosystem
Now, thanks to heroic efforts by @heyenbrock from @Stellate and Rikki Schulte, it is back with v2 and a bright future ahead of it!

I love when open source projects revived and unblocked

Coming VERY soon to Yoga Server v3

Huge release of @GraphiQL, years of discussion and @graphql ecosystem improvements to get it to v2.

Lots of credit to acao (on GH) for the years of maintainering + leadership, @Stellate via Tim + Julian and @heyenbrock for getting it over the line!

Most devs use the same chart libraries over and over (which is fine!) so it's really nice to see the @Stellate team design something new for their Metrics service. Looks really great!…

⚡Wanna see how fast e-commerce can get?

Here's what happens when you combine @remix_run running on @Cloudflare edge servers with @Stellate GraphQL edge cache!

Am using this on all my shit @Stellate
1st request 2,287ms that needs to be worked on
2nd request 4ms 🏎️💨

a little behind the scenes on how @mxstbr and @TimSuchanek made it INCREDIBLY easy for me to say yes to an initial angel check in @Stellate:…

(icymi already shared more about the @Boldstartvc seed round:…)

📣📣 Announcing the @thegraphqlconf speakers! 📣📣

@heyenbrock, Staff Software Engineer from @Stellate will speak about 'the future of GraphQL IDEs'.

Keep an eye out for more speakers announcements in the next few days!

🎟️ Grab your seat:

Super excited to announce that I joined @Stellate's mission to make open GraphQL APIs ubiquitous

Important update from @Stellate

User-scoped JWTs that hit GraphQL endpoints must be refreshed frequently to mitigate XSS attacks (unless they're httpOnly, but they're normally not)

Now you can refresh frequently for security and still benefit from CDN caching👏👏👏

Yo, so is @Stellate pronounced:

stell • it


stell • 8

I pronounce it as the top one, but have heard others say the bottom one.

@mxstbr, settle this for us, will ya?

Make your GraphQL API faster with caching using @Stellate.

Monitor API health with error monitoring, and alerts, as well as analytics for operations made to your endpoint.…

.@TimSuchanek is a software engineer and entrepreneur who specializes in GraphQL. Tim is the author of the GraphQL Playground, and the founder of @Stellate, a GraphQL edge caching solution.

Join #GraphQLGalaxy to e-meet Tim and more stellar speakers 👇

Upgrade Plan Dialog from @Stellate

📣 Up next, we have @heyenbrock speaking in 5 minutes on Track 1

Thomas is the Staff Software Engineer from @Stellate, he will be talking about ‘The future of GraphQL IDEs’

Props to @orta for the original 2.0.0 redesign effort, who amongst others in 2019 provided the spark towards what the next evolution of graphiql could actually look like!

This prior art inspired Julian, Tim, @heyenbrock, Jon, and many. Thank you @Stellate & #graphql community!

🎙️Just in time for your weekend listening! @fran_the_dev and I talked with @mxstbr & @heyenbrock from @Stellate on the latest podcast episode. Much gratitude to them for coming on the show and dropping knowledge about the GraphQL ecosystem:…

The best part of #GraphQLSummit, and conferences in general, are the friends you make and the people you meet! The @getpostman crew loved hanging out with our friends @UriGoldshtein @neo4j @escapetechHQ @SoFi @Yelp @Stellate

We as an industry have just started to understand what's possible with the edge. Join us today and let's talk about a little bit of history, where we're at, and the future.

Today on @dojolive with @TimSuchanek, CTO at @Stellate

⏰ 12:00 pm (PT)

Another throwback to the #GraphQL Berlin Meetup: @heyenbrock from @stellate presents his insights on the future of GraphQL IDEs.

🔮 Check out the full recording…

Wonderful UI to explore your GraphQL in production by @Stellate
Amazing execution!

Love how things become easier and better with #GraphQL
The ecosystem has been growing and improving so such this year!

Looking to ⚡ speed up your Vendure storefront + 📉decrease load on your server? Without doing any hard work?

Yep, we did it for you! 😎

Try our new @Stellate integration:…

Want to learn how the GraphiQL team took customizability to the next level and explore how you can make GraphiQL your own?

Join #GraphQLGalaxy to e-meet @heyenbrock, a Software Engineer at @Stellate.

Secure your Early Bird ticket here 👇

Console Overlay Dialog from @Stellate

🎙️If you haven't listened to our latest podcast episode, you might have missed that @Stellate created a #WordPress plugin that works with @wpgraphql and their caching service to keep your content fresh across their edge CDN:…

Tomorrow we have a new episode on @dojolive

Watch our show: "The Edge #Revolution Just Started" with @TimSuchanek, CTO at @Stellate

⏰ 12:00 pm (PT)

#dojolive #technology #innovation #culture #techtrend #technews

That swag is 👌 👌 👌

Edge works best when data concerns are limited to origin and read data is cached and distributed globally for low latency access from the edge. Tool like @Stellate do this best. You can build your custom cache using KV cache or Upstash.

Building with GraphQL for the first time can be anywhere between daunting and easy-peasy.

In this talk by @_philpl, a Principal Software Engineer at @Stellate, you’ll learn how to stick with and adopt GraphQL!

Secure your Early Bird ticket:

From the awesome folks at @Stellate! ❤️

📣 Announcing another @thegraphqlconf speaker! @heyenbrock, Staff Software Engineer from @Stellate will speak about 'the future of GraphQL IDEs'.

🗓 September 29, 2022
✔ Get your FREE ticket here:

@GraphQLConf @Hygraphcom @GraphQL #GraphQLConf2022

Last week's episode of the Headless WP podcast with @J_Everhart383 and @fran_the_dev featured the team from @Stellate, a company building tools in the GraphQL space with a really helpful plugin for headless WP devs. Pop on those headphones and give it a listen if you haven't 🎧

Now give @Stellate a try and have a happy forget it GQL caching layer

My initial setup for Hasanhub was built with Keystone and I really liked it.

I decided to remove it to get to a MVP faster.

It you ever wanna utilize edge workers for rendering checkout @Stellate. It creates a worldwide GraphQL CDN.

I think 1 million req/month are free.

Stellate will cache responses (globally via CDN) of your GraphQL API. AFAIK Lambda@Edge will not do that for you. Your edge function needs to talk to the DynamoDB for every request. Check out their website to know more.

love the look of charts that break the Y axis. gorgeous!