I've been playing with @shoutout_io for @GetLago

Looks exactly like what we needed!🤩 Planning to embed it on our website asap.

Thanks @thisiskp_ 's for the rec!

Just got @shoutoutso_ installed in like 5 minutes!

Great product 👌 well done @5harath and @curtisjcummings!

See it live here:

I've been using shoutout for my landing page for Zero to Sold, and it has been great. It's just an amazing way of showing how my readers publicly enjoy my work.

This is a great product made by great people.

Adding another Twitter tool that I love:


I use that to embed the Twitter shoutout wall on my personal about page (Julian.com/about).

Also useful for embedding customer testimonials on your company site.

Finally put together my @shoutoutso_ page and am beaming.

Going through 150+ unsolicited, public takes on Doing Content Right, was one of the most rewarding experiences as a creator to date.

Since publishing, I've already seen an uptick in conversion!


If you are getting customer love on Twitter, then this is a cool way to show it:


(hypefury homepage)

Shoutout has launched.

Need a quick-loading wall of love that you can embed on your page for that sweet, sweet social proof? They have you covered.

Social proof is the best proof.

@shoutoutso_ makes it super simple to show you have it.

We use it on our homepage @knowablefyi

Highly recommend. 👇

This could be really useful — a p2p social proof/reputation platform has long been missing from the social web.

LinkedIn has it, and there was XFN (among others), but now feels like a good time to give it another shot!

Super excited to watch this grow and hearing about all the use cases! One of the most versatile tools I've seen in some time 👀