dude.... I just took about 30 screenshots of different tweets of yours; now I got homework all night but man, you’ve put some true 💎 on your TL! Drinks & steaks on me when we meet

Josh is going to take over the world. If you're into SMB ops and not following him, you should.

@joshuamschultz how do we team up??

Some of the best ideas on Twitter are coming from @joshuamschultz

Yeah, guy is way smart to pull this out of his brain on call.

A couple months ago I had a data problem and Josh graciously jumped on the phone and talked me through some options. He’s the real deal.

Been following/bookmarking all your stuff - as soon as I buy a business, going to tick through all your materials to find the best systems for whatever I end up buying.

You should follow @joshuamschultz before everyone knows his name.

He is about to do GREAT things.

Just signed up. Love your content!

Oh I have a whole Josh Schultz folder.

In the process of documenting everything I do while searching in the hopes that I can get to the 90% threshold of repeatability Josh talks about.

And this is just on sourcing. Whole new world opens post acquisition

Turns out I'm pretty good at feigning understanding while @joshuamschultz runs circles around me with his eyes closed.

Dude's legit.

The SMB Ops newsletter by @joshuamschultz is a masterclass for this space. If you're a no-code builder looking for inspiration on ways to apply your skills in a meaningful (and monetizable) way, this is a great place to start. getrevue.co/profile/joshua…