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The best alternative to Chargebee, Recurly or Stripe Billing. For usage-based, subscription-based, and all the nuances of pricing in between.


Congrats on the launch! And thanks for helping the open-source ecosystem to thrive. I'm always happy to see open-source companies challenging the status quo. Open Source is very often the most reliable choice, and you contribute to spreading the word.


Happy Lago customers here at Mono, we we're able to "hack"our way to billing connecting a Kafka listener to n8n and orchestrate all the billing from n8n, rather than expending lots of time integrating. We did all the integrations in 1 week in a "low-code" environment without requiring any developer to work on in.

Love this in the @GetLago docs
Easy to forget that many docs readers are evaluating what you do/whether you could be useful

Can't believe it's already March, 2023!
👀Check out some of our favourite #OpenSource projects we discovered over the past month:

📑 Hermes @HashiCorp
💸 Lago @GetLago
📊 Mafs @stevenpetryk
🧵 PRQL @prql_lang
🔑 ZITADEL @zitadel


It’s so nice to see @zitadel here 😎 also @GetLago looks really interesting… need to test it on a weekend 🤩

Languages: Python, Rust, C++ and Typescript
Deep learning: PyTorch
Web: @remix_run & Tailwind
Databases: Redis and MariaDB
Billing: @GetLago

is doing some cool work in this space!

E72 of the Open Source Startup Podcast is UP🎧

@tnachen & @amanda_robs interview @byAnhtho, CEO of open source billing platform @GetLago💸

Anh-Tho came highly recommended & this episode does not disappoint! Packed w/ nuggets for any open source founder💪

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Alexandre Heimburger
CTO at Lydia

Switch from "anniversary date" to "beginning of period": that's a great feature!

25 Jan 2023

When I see many generative AI infra tool pricing their product with tokens (usage based pricing) it makes me even more bullish about @getlago 😍

congrats AGAIN @byAnhtho, you are crushing it with the content!

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Hey there!
I’m Romain, Product Director at Yousign. I love the subject of pricing models and their implementation and I love also Lago's approach.

30 Nov 2022
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Saurabh Parmar

B2B Marketing is often boring especially for hard core tech open source platform kind of stuff.
But these guys at Lago are doing it right.

I just realized that by without meaning to I do remember their posts.

18 Oct 2022

Awesome learnings from @byAnhtho

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Nour Lake
Co-founder and CEO @Selfr.io

Your product looks really amazing, we're thinking about adopting it to save us headaches down the line. Keep up the good work! 😊

25 Oct 2022
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Ivan Zhuravlev
CTO | R&D / CyberSec Engineer | OSS Сontributor

This is a brilliant product and deserves 150k+ stars. Thanks for your contribution!

14 Dec 2022

great product! Can’t wait to implement it when Snowball will get bigger :)

11 Oct 2021
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Grégoire Mielle
Senior Software Engineer @ Pennylane

The product looks very promising, keep up the good work!

19 Dec 2022
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Yakir Perlin

Congratulations on the great achievement! Great product.

19 Dec 2022
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Dipak Parmar

Hi Lago Community, found this app few weeks and played it for a while. and Now there no going back to other services. Awesome Open Source work by developers. Looking forward to providing feedback and contribute to it. :cœur:

16 Nov 2022
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Joao Correia
Joao Correia

Hi! My name is Joao Correia Im founder of a bootstrapped company and I refuse to give Stripe 1% of my revenue for managing subscriptions + invoicing. hence we’re looking at Lago

13 Dec 2022
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Adam Ballai
co-founder & ceo of RevOps

The world of billing innovation is happening, we call it the "Billing Renaissance".

We're excited to be partnering with many different companies in the Billing and Subscription space. Most recently, I am becoming a big fan of what the Lago (YC S21) has been up to.

They're taking a much more radical approach, open-source first model enabling developers to customize the platform. All systems end up becoming bespoke because pricing becomes the competitive edge that SaaS businesses can get ahead on. Want to crack open a pricing model that isn't yet covered by the major billing vendors, that's exactly what a developer can do with Lago. Think "Wordpress" for billing, and let the creativity flow.

As said by Algolia's co-founder, "I like the idea of ‘open sourcing’ a billing system as it helps cover the long tail of edge cases by adding composability and allowing for customizations."

SaaS kullanım hesaplama ve fiyatlandırma sistemleri yazılmaya başlandığı zaman aylar sürebiliyor.

@GetLago bu problemi çözen, açık kaynak kodlu bir ürün.


I think @GetLago will be huge in the next few years.

My cofounder, @MB_Yulia has become a power user of @Polywork recently, so much so that they are sending her swag. My favourite discovery was @GetLago (which makes billing nice to work with) and now I am wondering - can I get Lago swag to make it even? #FeelingJealous