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Erika Villarreal
Top 100 CS Strategist | Sr. Customer Success Manager

I can’t express how much I appreciate Mike Cardona.

He’s ALWAYS there for me no matter what.

So here are some of the things he has helped me with:

🌟 Are you having trouble setting up a budgeting app to improve your efficiency in tracking expenses? Mike’s your guy.

🌟 Customer Success processes? Mike’s your guy.

🌟 Building your newsletter from scratch? Mike’s your guy.

🌟 Getting your settings right on your microphone to remove echo? Mike’s your guy.

🌟 Marketing automation? Mike’s your guy.

🌟 Setting up your website or landing page? Mike’s your guy.

Is there anything you can’t do?


Thank you.

P.D. He also has an "Automation for creators course", that I am of course signed up for. Interested? Link in the comments section below.

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Ashna Patel
Customer Success Leader at Ascent Cloud

Mike is a rockstar! A true professional through his work at CS Insider. His wide breadth of expertise, empathy, and dedication to serving others is infectious. You’ll learn he’s a vital individual with rare skills! His performance at CS Insider is golden. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time he has left me without a solution. Dedicated and goal-oriented strategist. Delighted to work with him! Anyone who gets to work with Mike will find him truly easy-going & full of wealth of knowledge!

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Rand Fishkin

You're amazing Mike! Very generous of you. I'll pass these along.

20 Jul 2021
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Erika Villarreal
Sr. Customer Success Manager at Condeco

I've been working with Mike for a couple of months now on diverse projects and I am impressed with all his knowledge. Not only he knows about Customer Success, but his digital marketing experience is an extra plus that can help the CS team achieve impactful growth. Mike is always looking to learn new things, share with team members, and willing to help out in any way possible. His level of commitment is going above and beyond to achieve results. I've had the pleasure to learn a lot from him and I know he would be a great fit for any CS role. He's a team player and his drive will wow anyone who works with him. Any company would be lucky to have him in his team!

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Kia Bellamy
Customer Success Manager at AppDirect

Mike is the epitome of being a team player. During SV Academy, we all had an issue with a software demo, Mike went above and beyond and reached out to the software company to have the issue resolved. He is always willing to help others elevate their skillset and achieve their goals. Any company would be lucky to have a teammate like Mike.

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Sally Derian
Customer Success

Mike Cardona is highly knowledgable in the fields of customer success, project management, and building automation workflows. He has a thorough understanding of planning strategies to enhance results and deliver value-driven outcomes for customers and teams. When collaborating with Mike on projects, I am always amazed at how much I learn because Mike enjoys sharing his tech expertise and trains on efficiency tactics using the latest platforms. He has a unique ability to assess creative solutions that transform processes with out-of-the-box automation techniques. Mike is genuinely enthusiastic about helping other professionals develop and achieve their career goals with actionable and motivating insights!

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Vincent Conti
Customer Success Manager

Mike is an awesome teammate! He goes above and beyond for his colleagues by putting them first and making sure proper information is shared and deadlines are met. He’s passionate about CS, being of service to others, and providing his wealth of knowledge. A collaborator and connector Mike would be a huge asset to your team, company, and community. I highly recommend him!

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Erika Villarreal
Sr. Customer Success Manager at Condeco

This one is for Mike.

You may or may not know who Mike Cardona is, but if you don’t, you should and I will tell you why.

Mike is the guy who literally knows every app out there. He used to do digital marketing and he knows every trick there is to increase your presence online.

He’s co-founder of CS Insider and also behind all the great ideas of how to grow the newsletter.

He is passionate about Customer Success, he learns fast and he does everything in his hands to make things happen.

When I met Mike about a year ago, I didn’t know all of these things about him. All I knew is he had a podcast and he wanted to invite me to talk.

Then I realized he not only has a podcast, but he also has a newsletter, and 1,000 different other projects he is always working on.

He’s the one pushing me to do more and the one behind the idea of me putting out a newsletter. It has been a huge success thanks to him.

I had no idea of how to do it, or where to start. But he offered his help to put it all together. It might not be perfect now, but its a start.

He knows how to do tons of incredible things and if he doesn’t know… he researches, finds out and delivers.

Mike is the guy you want on your team. That’s for sure.

So thank you Mike for being so amazing and a huge asset to the Customer Success community. You will get very far.

Link to subscribe to my newsletter for all things customer success in the comments section.


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Guy Rahamim
Customer Success Manager at Imvision, MBA

I've known and worked alongside Mike for the past 6 months @ CS Insider.

Mike is very passionate about Customer Success and has a lot of knowledge in the CS realm.

He is always in the process of learning new things, highly technical, and when he owns a project he does it the best way possible.

Mike is definitely the kind of person you would like to have on your team!

I can highly recommend him as a colleague and as a friend.

KUDOS to you Mike!

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Lupe Ochoa
Customer Success Manager, Gong

Persistent is a word that comes to mind when I think about Mike. I enjoyed working with Mike during our apprenticeship at SV Academy, where we collaborated on several team projects. I was always in awe of Mike’s resourcefulness and dedication to support folks starting out in the Customer Success community. Additionally, Mike organized a team of volunteers to continue supporting our peers after the apprenticeship concluded to assure our peers had a solid foundation to start their CS careers. Mike would be an asset to any team.

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Jon Johnson
Director of Customer Success at Splash

This is great, Mike. Good work on this.
I apprecaite all the heavy lifting you are doing right now. It is so needed and you show a natural leadership quality through all of this.

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Jan Young
Customer Success, MBA

Mike is a great colleague-- he always goes above and beyond. He goes out of his way to develop materials and recordings that others can refer to so that each effort is efficient and collaborative. He has brought his expertise on Customer Success, SEO, website functionality and web applications landscape to CS Insider and Inclusive Tech Innovation (ITI) to the benefit of the whole team, ensuring we meet our goals and timelines. It's a pleasure to work with Mike!

Thanks @mikecardona_ for this awesome thread.

I try really hard to help our customers and give them a good experience with us. 😻

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Brandon Cestrone
Sr. Customer Success Manager at Funnel Leasing

Mike Cardona proved to be a terrific person to work with. His hands-on approach to leadership and project management gained him the respect of the team. Thanks to his interpersonal skills he has great relations with both our community members and audience. Working at CS Insider is most challenging, and he battled the impediments. He's a dedicated and goal-oriented strategist. Mike Cardona makes the impossible possible. He absolutely shines in a hectic environment. Definitely worth recommending.

Huge thanks to @saynotochurn for giving valuable feedback about pricing and even signing up for the Lifetime Membership Plan.

No Sugar Today community is now free for everyone and I’ve converted the Lifetime Membership plan to “Support No Sugar Today Development”

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Kevin Leonor, MBA
CSM @ Zoom - Top 100 Customer Success Strategist 2020

It is been wonderful working together with Mike. He consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic at CS Insider and also a commitment to the success of others. Mike is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. Result driven, experienced and efficient team player. Deliver results. Ambitious and independent expert. He demonstrates a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both his personal and professional development. He is a truly exceptional person.

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Kenneth Sinensky
Enterprise Customer Success at Glia

Mike is a true superstar. We were in the same Customer Success cohort at SV Academy. It was a privilege and inspiring work with Mike. He is a professional at leading communities by example, has a vast knowledge of customer success, and strives to add value to others. You rarely find someone who consistently delivers results that surpass all expectations. Companies that are seeking a knowledgeable co-worker who is selfless and adds value to their company and to their customers are lucky to have him.

Thanks Mike!
You're definitely the best supporter of Pony Express we could have imagined 🙏

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Borislav Grigorov
Founder of

Thanks, Mike. Really enjoy your content and it's super helpful. Keep doing it 🙌🤜🤛

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Erick Flores
Customer Success

I met Mike at SV Academy (we worked on several projects together). He’s an extremely analytical and insightful person. I admire his ability to analyze risks that could negatively impact a business. He also has a deep knowledge of creating business solutions. I love his approach to making data-driven decisions (an approach that I also follow religiously). I also like how tech-savvy Mike is (he’s a fast learner). I enjoyed his passion for bringing communities together and driving value to customers. If you’re looking for a team player and a community builder, Mike is your person! Best of luck in your new endeavors, Mike! You always find a way to weather any storm with a smile. I appreciate our partnership!

Thank you Mike. I am so glad you suggested these amazing people. Doing what you said “starting from here..” 🙏

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Maureen Duru
Customer Success Manager

Mike proved to be one of the most committed professionals through his work and providing value to others while working together at SV Academy. He has a solid work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem-solving abilities. Mike stood out as a leader. His resourcefulness, SaaS knowledge was very helpful. Mike is a take-charge person who can present creative solutions to complex problems. Any company would be lucky to have him!

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Morgan Zimmerman

Mike is one of the hardest working people I have met. He is always finding creative solutions and is a great team player. I have enjoyed working with Mike and think he is an asset for any company.

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David Gallegos
Sr. Payment Specialist at SpotOn LLC

Mike was always one of my go to’s if I ever need help with a merchant. On point and Professional. I would definitely recommend Mike!

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Drew Espinoza
Customer Success Manager at Athenahealth

Mike is one of those people you meet that is a quick connection. He is able to establish trust with others simply by displaying his problem solving and helpful demeanor. Sv Academy led us on the same path where we crossed and it has been a pleasure to have experienced internships, projects and collaboration with Mike.

Wow that testimonial section is 🔥🔥🔥

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Jason Hersch
Gainsight - Sr. Manager of Solutions Consulting

I love your Get Stuff Done attitude in finding an issue, chasing me down, and huddling with the team to resolve it. Great job being aggressive and fixing stuff you see wrong. Please keep this attitude up.

Mike is the most helpful and supportive person I met in Twitter (even outside of Twitter now I think of that 😃)

After chatting with several people including on Twitter and in real life. I decided to write things down before I start.

Thank you @yagudaev, @CSMikeCardona and @soulblocksNFT for listening and giving feedback and advice on Twitter.…