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Ryan Hoover
Founder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund

Writing and storytelling is still undervalued, but so important in almost every role. I'm so curious to see how (and a few others like CopyAI and Copysmith) change all of this. :)

Fantastic product backed by a fantastic team. Go support them on Product Hunt :)

We personally used the @peppertype_ai tool and it actually saved a few hours for our team to brainstorm content ideas. Highly recommended for any company working on content ideas to subscribe to this one. Its worth every penny.

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Prakhar Agarwal
COO @AngelList India; Founder @Adept

Great product from India for the World - team making it so much easier for anyone to be a content creator.

Super cool!!
Very impressive @SinglaAnirudh and the entire team at @Pepper_Content @peppertype_ai

Crazy the way new content being generated and consumed

The pace of execution and the level of innovation @Pepper_Content is noteworthy and @peppertype_ai is certainly a step in the direction of empowering everybody to be a content creator!

Truly a rocket ship! 🚀

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Mayank Mishra
Co-founder & Product designer

Peppertype is awesome and the team is awesome, just use it 🔥

Press the 🔼 upvote on Product Hunt! Pepper people are the most content people @peppertype_ai

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Sid Puri
Growth, Retool

Great stuff @pranav_goyal @singlaanirudh @jumbld and team! Congratulations on the launch. Seeing how quickly this product is evolving is inspiring.

The A-team of superstars who are disrupting the advertising business with their hustle and tech. Go vote.

Let’s take @peppertype_ai to the moon! 🚀

Folks, Please RT. 🙏 @SinglaAnirudh

👀. Huge respect for @SinglaAnirudh . He’s been building in public for a while now and can’t wait to see the 🚀 of @peppertype_ai

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Özel Yılmaz
Communication Designer | E-Book Writer

Hey @pranav_goyal ,

I've just tried it, and believe me, this is insane beauty. Totally human center artificial intelligence. I think that it can be helpful, but I changed my mind the way I see the results: It's absolutely essential. Moreover, the interface is so easy to use, with no harm to the eyes.

Holy crap!
@peppertype_ai works like magic! Kudos @SinglaAnirudh and team. Extremely delighted ✨💙

Damn, this is so cool. I am gonna use one of these😀

Also, whosoever is handling Peppertype’s Twitter and came up w the idea to generate headlines for websites is doing a great job👏

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Aditya Mohanty
The Product Folks

Peppertype is amazing! Love how fast it has grown and looking forward to more from Team Pepper 🔥

This is a @peppertype_ai appreciation tweet! The product is snappy and slick! Great AI suggestions as well 👏🏼

did few experiments with @peppertype_ai for Airmeet experiment, and I must say the results were simply incredible.

ML will get only much better with more time! Must try this :)

The team at @Pepper_Content has to be comprised of the smartest folks in content today. While we're getting over 2020, they are building for 2025!

Just got a demo of @peppertype_ai from @shekharrishabh8 - I'm blown away.

More to follow in next week's @dinewithdata! Sign up!

Recently scheduled a demo call with the @peppertype_ai team. Literally, the product blew my mind! 🤯

Kudos to the team at @Pepper_Content for what they are building! 🏅

@pranav__goyal @SinglaAnirudh

The wonderful folks @jumbld, @shekharrishabh8 & @pranav__goyal from @peppertype_ai have shared their journey & insights from ideation to launch on how they built, shipped & marketed in 30 days!🤯🤯

Read it here -…

👏 WOHOO. Smash the upvote button folks

Got early access of @peppertype_ai. And I must say...... I am impressed🔥 One of the few services that have implemented a very subjective solution with this efficiency. Kudos @pranav__goyal @SinglaAnirudh @Pepper_Content

Thank you for these, Team @peppertype_ai 👊🏼

This team executes at such an insane pace.

I still remember the days when I wanted 50 blog posts for @bharatmatrimony and @SinglaAnirudh created a WhatsApp group and a google sheet to co-ordinate.

From that to this is insane! ❤️🙏🏽🚀

Check out @peppertype_ai - a GPT-3 AI based copywriting sidekick ;)

Godspeed @SinglaAnirudh and @peppertype_ai team!

I have been using #GPT3 over the weekend on @peppertype_ai . It's insanely powerful. It creates marketing Ad copies, gives you tweet's ideas, write headlines & body copies, product descriptions & general Content.

Scary but insane technology at work. This will only get better.

.@peppertype_ai tool will generate #blog posts, social media captions, #tweets, product descriptions, #newsletter, #podcast and marketing ideas within seconds, @Pepper_Content said. #Content #AI #Technology @SinglaAnirudh

See their tweets Harsha! Crazy product!

Tried @peppertype_ai recently - awesome content vending machine! Serves as a warning to content creators everywhere - move up the value chain or be caught in AI crosshairs.

Love the tool, creating ad copies has never been this easy!

Was blown away by how ridiculously easy it was to generate these. One click. *sips tea*. Done. Super impressive stuff @peppertype_ai

Yesterday — got to speak with @pranav__goyal on how they're building @peppertype_ai, how we use it as an agency and the few new features on their upcoming list.

Kudos to the team, the platform and its content generation efficiency with ad copies. ✌️

Just tried out @peppertype_ai and am totally mesmerised by it. A big salute to @SinglaAnirudh and team for creating such a great product, enabling content in a go. Hats off to you guys and a good way to go💯

Content isn't the king! It's a whole freaking kingdom! Looks like things are about to change for content developers in India pretty soon! Thank you @Pepper_Content for this incredible platform!

Amazed to see @peppertype_ai give blog suggestions which are exactly the few blogs we have on our website for @imagetranslate 🤯

Whoever is writing this mail is good. And they should be, given @peppertype_ai is a content company.

I will reply!

It's time we learn from AI 🤯

I asked @peppertype_ai for some tweet ideas for @SuperpageHQ and 50% of the results are close to what we already implement.

Now, I see no point in brainstorming those ideas over a couple of months.

What @peppertype_ai did today is fooled me into spreading kindness. Hate love it.

Thank you @SinglaAnirudh and @peppertype_ai for sponsoring this ❤️

I love you 5000.

Also for people wondering what peppertype is - it's content generation tool using GPT3.

Its pretty dope, you can check it out 💥💥

Show some love to the awesome team @peppertype_ai 🚀 Upvote!

This might be the biggest game-changer in the way we create content in today's world. Godspeed @SinglaAnirudh and @peppertype_ai team!

thank you for the beta! Tried blog ideas and facebook ads. Looks promising!

Awaiting the full fledge content writing option to check vs the SEO content we do.

Congrats on the launch! 🍾

Ok... @peppertype_ai is really getting their act together. Some of these captions are actually good :)

.@peppertype_ai = $300 for great, unlimited GPT-3-generated copy for a year. Wow. 😱🤩

Spot-on for @audiomint_ 👇

Do I know any freelance writers here who use AI writing tools to increase their efficiency?

If you do, let me know which one you think is the best. Common round ups are @peppertype_ai, @rytr_me &

Love it. Just took it for a test drive, and wow 🤩! Really, impressed. If this is the MVP, I can't wait to see how it grows over time.

Build an excellent product, one that solves the pain and 'Organic' becomes basic.. :) Great work with Peppertype AI guys.

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Community @ Product Hunt

@pranav_goyal @jumbld congratulations on the launch! Seems like Product Hunt is becoming the go-to destination for BITS Pilani folks 😍 Your journey from the hostel to here is truly inspiring.

Does support regional Indian languages?

LinkedIn : They say get a job. We say get a network. 👋🏼

WOW! @peppertype_ai has got super cool features, highly recommend all the content creators to try this AI tool ASAP!!

Crisp and catchy taglines to your rescue ❤️

#peppertypeai #linkedin #networking #contentcreation

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I think Peppertype has lots of potential, really like using the text generation tools so far. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing inline long form, Quora answers and cold outreach content tools.

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Sanket Shah

Congrats man - great work team

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Shounak Choudhury
Founder @ VertiCo Media is such a cool product.
I was Never a great fan of GPT3 tools, until I used
Recently I have started using it for my twitter account, as well as for some client stuffs as well.
And guess what, all those content related to my clients were approved in one go.

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Deepak Abbot
Building @getsmartapp

I am straightaway trying this out for my product. Looks good!

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Akshay Badkar
Content Writer

Have been using Peppertype for some time now. It always amazes me with the quality of content it generates. Helps me create some cool blog topics and twitter content. Thank you guys for creating a product like Peppertype!

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Leela Shankar
I am a growth hacker

Awesome tool! Generated over 100 pieces of content in less than 2 hours!
Less time brain storming, more time creating!
Don't miss out on this!

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Vikrama Dhiman 🌈
Product Guy at Gojek

Look forward to trying this update soon ;-)

20 Jun 2021
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Pratik Shigli
I am a Growth marketer

Amazing product. This product gives you wings to get started with content creation.

17 Jun 2021
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Rahul Nair
6+ years in digital marketing

Looks amazing and nice features. I definitely try this out. Congrats on your launch and best of luck!

20 Jun 2021
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Lakshmi M
Founder, -

Such an exciting tool, surely going to use it for my content marketing.

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Raju PP
Founder-Editor, TechPP

I'm one of Peppertype's customers. The GPT-3 space is red hot with too many me-too products. I'm pinning my hope on Peppertype due to its founder team. Hope they manage to take it to greater heights and have real differentiating features in the near future. Best wishes.

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Vaibhav Sisinty
Growth Hacker | Ex-Uber , Klook

Have been a PepperType user since last 6 months, and I have to say that it has become part of my everyday content creation.

Starting from coming up with content ideas, headline and copies for my ads.

Best part, I see a new product improvement everytime I login and try it.

Also, I have used almost all the other gpt3 tools out there, I have been getting the highest quality content from PepperType.

Super bullish about this!

Wish the team luck 😁

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Shiva Kumar
Marketing Analytcs, ABM

Hi, I am Shiva Kumar and I work for a B2B marketing agency. I extensively use Peppertype in my daily activities for choosing email subject lines and ad copies. I highly recommend everyone to explore this tool for their business growth!!

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Bogdan Ionita
Product Lead at

Cool results for simple input, really nice! I definitely see it making life easier while doing experiments or A/B testing. Kinda everytime we update the copy on our website or LPs, I look at it the second day and want to fiddle with the words a bit more.

The avatar image for SAURABH GAIKWAD
Digital Marketeer & GrowthHacker

This tool is amazing 🤩 I have been using this tool since couple of weeks now. I always aspired to become a copy writer ✍🏻 And this tool is helping me to achieve the same.

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Bhawana Dahiya
Social Media Consultant

I have used and it is actually a very helpful tool. Makes it so easy to write copies for social media. Totally recommended.

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Nagabhushana Bhat
Learning & Unlearning Marketing!

Using it for 3 months, I must say it is the game-changer for all the marketers out there.
It can help you with day-to-day copy, content, and idea generation.
The amazing part of this tool is to give you new dimensions on the copy of Facebook ads. I am so amazed by the copies that it generates based on a little description. If you are serious about copy, then go for peppertype for sure.

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Abhradeep Ghosh
Growth and User Acquisition

Have been using for quite some time. Easily one of the best copy generating tools out there. So glad to have discovered this gem before it blows up

@pranav_goyal The Brand/Product Descriptions feature is a massive hit for us. Our copy team has always slogged when it comes to product descriptions. But now, with, it has become a breeze. 😊

Apoorva Sharma
Growth Hacker and Brand Strategist is my absolute go to product to get quality content ideas! Ive been using it for the last 4 months and I must say it has become the most valued tool in my kit.

Right from coming up with innovative content ideas to creating high quality headlines and copy that are not only engaging but also convert, Peppertype is and integral part of my everyday content creation process.

And the best part is that its constantly improving and adding more content types. Absolutely love it!!!

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Spencer Vliegen
Founder - Standing Start | Race Art

Love this product @pranav_goyal - thanks for sharing you and your team's awesome work. Will put this to use on our projects. Very intuitive site and clean UI... Am actually blown away by how spot on the AI is for descriptions and blog ideas.

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Yash Shah
Growth Hacking Professional

The tool is super awesome. I first got to know it in the Growth Hacking Mentorship Camp of Vaibhav Sisinty and I loved it. The copy that we generated using it actually helped us in winning the hackathon.

This is surely for you if you're a content writer, marketer or a growth hacker!

20 Jun 2021
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Pratik Renuse
Fortune500 Consultant | TEDx Speaker

Looks promising! Excited to try it. Nice work folks!

20 Jun 2021
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Yukta Srivastava

The product is very awesome. Very helpful for me and my business. Thank you so so SOOOO much for the product. Great work team.

20 Jun 2021
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Boniface Pascalraj
Energy Entrepreneur and Coach

Being an entrepreneur and juggling between various contents like blogs, social media, and email campaigns, it is a tedious task. pepertype makes my job very easy and with AI support, it makes life easier.

20 Jun 2021
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Siddhant Jaiswal

Amazing Product!
I highly recommend it. It solves all major content problems.

20 Jun 2021
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Akshat Malhotra
Founder at pennywise

What an amazing product, made my life so simple and easy to create content. Thanks for coming up with this brilliant tool.

20 Jun 2021

Got my hands on the beta yesterday and I must say you guys are killing it🔥and will surely go for the paid subscription 💯

Abhishek Shah
CEO at Hauper Technologies

This really helped us with creating content for our marketing client. Getting good respons and turn time is reduced by 50%.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Mrinmay
JS Developer w expertise in React

Having used Peppertype personally, can easily vouch it's one of the best productivity tool for content ideation and creation that I've come across.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Nagarjunan S
Nagarjunan S
Digital marketer It's really a life changing product. I'm wondering how AI could write this perfectly. It really saves a lot of time especially for person like me who always deals with writer's block.

20 Jun 2021
Akul Grover

Have been using Peppertype for a month now. The interface is clean and it is easy to use. Been generating a lot of Blog ideas for a client and he is impressed. It suits my workflow perfectly. Good job team and thank you for coming up with this exciting product that increases efficiency and saves time.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Smohitth Shetty
Smohitth Shetty

The content game has upgraded to the next level 💯. Kudos to the Team for unveiling such a 💣 tool and making our life easy peasy. This tool can enhance creativity & content curation with its crazy in-house development team with years of expertise regarding the content zone. All I can say is: It will skyrocket your content production. Keep it up, Team! 👏 👏 👏

20 Jun 2021
Karthik Shankar

I have been testing our peppertype for the last couple of months, and it's been absolutely fantastic. Pepper types is perhaps one of the best in class products in the GTP3 content generation space and i'm amazed by the quality of options that the tool can generate for blog headlines and for FB ads and SEO description . Looking forward to more such interesting features from this wonderful team.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for ZIYAA BOGHANI

Signed up for it 2 hours ago, have been hooked on it ever since. Hoping this becomes a part of my content creation journey.
Can’t wait to begin!

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Prateek Tomar
Prateek Tomar
AVP Digital - Group, Edelweiss Group

Crisp, smart content in seconds! I can't wait to build things with the help of This could truly be game changing for us.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Darshit from InvenTech Solution
Darshit from InvenTech Solution
Growth Marketer

Peppertype is an awesome tool that helps me to generate content for my agency clients and it really handy when my team is looking for content ideas ranging from blog to social media and marketing ads as well. I would highly recommend this tool if you are not a pro writer and want to get ideas around content and copy. Also, I have checked they have recently added many more types of content and other types like email content copy are in their roadmap. This would really help you to generate ideas where you wouldn't ever think of.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Adrian Bold
Adrian Bold
Bold Internet. Google Ads. Rugby.

I've not been using Peppertype for long but I'm already really impressed by the support from the company, the ease of use and the innovative enhancements they keep adding to the service. Fun to use and great for content generating ideas.

20 Jun 2021

My social media post drill be like - Figma > @peppertype_ai > Creator Studio...super duper tool for content creators

Just checked them out!
Amazing products for creators! @Pepper_Content @peppertype_ai
Hope you guys build something for Developers too! 🥰

Let's make this top tool by Pepper get to #1 on Product Of The Day 🚀

Killer product, worth your upvote🔥

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Ben Cleaver
Helping small businesses achieve GDPR & Data protection excellence with my CompliantKit Formula.

Cannot wait to see this mature fully and rival all the features of the others. Very impressed with Pepper so far.

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for Shan Shah
Shan Shah
Lifetime Deal Member

This tool is really amazing, outputs are very clear and the way they are updating it is super cool. 🤩

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for David Burch
David Burch
Community Member

Awesome. This tool has so much potential!

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
Content Creator, Pepper Content

Streamlines the way creators visualise their content. I have been excited to try GPT-3-based platform, but didn't get a chance until now. Loving it so far!

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Dan Lourenço
Dan Lourenço
Community Member has one of the best UXs ever. We've tested tons of copywriting AI tools, including Conversion.AI, and none come close to Peppertype on this. Congratulations! Also, the output is amazing!

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for Anna Turner
Anna Turner
Social Media Manager/Strategist

I’m sooooo happy to be here! You guys seem super authentic and I love everything about it has made my life so much easier! ❤️

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for Naman Gupta
Naman Gupta
Performance Marketing Head, Apollo 24/7

‍Truly psyched to try the beta. Content creation is an extremely important element of any company and it's only human that we get stuck most of the time.

20 Jun 2021
The avatar image for Esther Gambrell
Esther Gambrell
Owner and Photographer at Shining Star Studios

A pleasant surprise use case - as a branding studio, we consult with our clients extensively to understand their business. One client in particular was having a hard time verbalizing how his company benefits his clients. I offered to help, and turned to my new secret weapon! Peppertype NAILED it, and I gave him several verbiage ideas to use in his marketing. Client was thrilled, and we added value to that relationship.

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful tool to us!

7 Jul 2021
The avatar image for Dev Hisaria
Dev Hisaria
Community Member

I was playing with trying to see how it helps with website copy.
So I created a mock landing page using just Peppertype-generated content.

Took me 30-40 minutes and a basic landing page was ready.

7 Jul 2021