Co-signing on Sharath, he’ll be amazing at a role where any amount of servant leadership is involved. He’s a natural at it!

There is no person on the internet that is better for this role than @5harath

He’s a seasoned maker, lover of community and genuinely kind person (I think that’s pretty important for community roles) 🙂

Sharath is perfect for this role! You’re exactly what @ProductHunt needs 🙏🏾

You'll crush it, I have no doubt @5harath ! In my working with you I have always come away with how empathetic you are for people and product thinking. I think that combo is unbeatable for a position like this.

Sharath would honestly be the best person for this opportunity. And I cannot stress that enough 🙌🏻

Just look at the community that he's built on here and witness the support he's getting from them.

He is the "Social Proof" guy and @ProductHunt would be lucky to have him!

This role was made for literally sharath, @rrhoover! 🤞🏼

All the best @5harath, so excited to see you apply for this role! You'll make a great addition to the @ProductHunt team, I wish you all the success in your application ✨

We could not endorse this enough!!

@ProductHunt our chips are all in on @5harath 😻

There’s no better person for this role than @5harath.

He’s an incredible community leader and always going out of his way to inspire and support builders. You got this 💪

I've known @5harath for a little under a year but what he's done in that time has inspired me as a maker and human. He's thoughtful, brilliant and has literally built a product to help people capture and celebrate positivity.

You don't want to miss this opportunity @ProductHunt.

This tweet sounds so cheesy, but it’s not; it’s just stinkin true.

A shoe in.

I'll say no more.

Actually maybe I'll will...

Sharath bleeds community

Best of blessings. You sure have an impressive resume to do the job.

Good luck - and you are already building a great community around yourself and your content. Keep it up 🙌

omg. @ProductHunt would gain so much from having @5harath on the team.