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Picking nuggets is fking unique, keep going!

Dude, @pickingnuggets... I LOVE your YouTube channel man.

Keep up the great work!

Jo Leh
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I love all long form interviews and podcasts, but your videos make studying these nuggets of gold so much easier and efficient. It's great for letting the information sink in.

of course, you have one of my favorite channels on YouTube!

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John Loc
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Your channel have so much value, thank you <3

Jai Thabiti
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Great epi my friend! It was a pleasure to chat with you on satuday!

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Picking Nuggets is the university for the people

Jangaiah Nethula
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One of the greatest video i ever watched

Jay Lim
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Love the people you follow, Literally my library. Glad I subbed!

Go Bu
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Just happened upon your channel and immediately subscribed! Exceptional videos with outstanding content! Thank you

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I was just thinking that... this channel is awesome

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Man, this channel is so Good.

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Jordan Welch (+860K Subs)
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Great video friend

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I come back to this channel to rewatch videos that I watch. I so grateful that you created this channel.

Sami Joe
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This is the most perfect video for me. Thank you PN

Yun Kai Lee
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You are an OG content creator nuggets

Jose Cabrero
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How fortunate a man i am in more ways than one. But finding this channel is utterly a jewel

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Love this channel so much! Inspired me to read the almanack of naval ravikant

Christian Elisha
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This is awesome. Thank you for the ending summary and added value. Highly appreciated.

Anshul Gupta
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You are creating brilliant content

Thank you 🙏 Your channel is my favorite

Shakti Chauhan
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This is the first channel ever where I switched on the Notification bell.

Bhanu Singhal
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Love this channel. Absolutely love it!

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Best channel on the planet, full of gems and nuggets, god bless you man, keep uploading.

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Love this channel dude, you are doing an amazing work! Keep it up bro!

Pinakee Kaushik
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I hardly comment but this video made me do. You are making very valuable content man, keep it bro you will go far ahead!

Daniel Farias

Stumbling upon your YT channel was the best thing that happened to me in 2022, TRUE NUGGETS. Thanks Julio!!

Atharv Patil
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you are really good in taking notes.

A Lamine
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Great work and thanks for your effort picking this stuff from different podcasts saves us alot of time

Patrick Shares
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Love this. Really cool channel