Ben Garofalo
23 Dec 2023
Daniel Durning
Co-Founder, CPO

I am the co-founder of Coast. Coast is a financial planning platform for digital asset investors.

Sawruv helped us understand our startup more in 30 minutes than we had previously had over 3 months. Sawruv cut through layers of fog and ambiguity to help us identify and focus on the exact right actionable steps for our business. Our call with Sawruv empowered us to focus more on the customer and sales aspects of our product instead of hyper fixating on engineering/product (our comfort zone). We're so grateful for Sawruv's time and his wealth of insights about startups. Thank you!

8 Nov 2023
Vivek Sekhri

Really appreciate the session. Got some amazing valuable inputs on how to define the GTM strategy. Thanks for the good work that you are doing. Wish you great. - Vivek

3 Oct 2023
Chris Esworthy
Kind of everything at the moment.

Sawruv got to the heart of the matter quickly. Added value from the introduction.

2 Nov 2023
Greg Toroosian profile photo from LinkeIn
Greg Toroosian
Founder, Samson Rose

Saurav's experiences, not only in leading a department at one of the top companies in the space, but also in founding and leading startups, raising capital, and being an active advisor give him a unique perspective!

Director, MLVentures Fund

It was a pleasure to work with Sawruv. We're from studio and Sawruv have helped us with our product strategy and gave the right direction where we can go further and improving our market exit. The best thing about working with him - it's a deep expertise and wide experience in AI tech products. It can help us a lot! We're very grateful for the consultations and hoping to resume them asap in the future!

21 Sep 2023
Devin Blitzer
10 Apr 2023
The avatar image for Eapen Kalathil
Eapen Kalathil
Founder & CEO, Parcelist

I have really enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate your help in better understanding how to present information without stepping on landmines or opening up a can of worms. After making the initial changes you are able to keep refining the investor deck in a very good way. I am learning to focus on presenting the key concepts as simply and clearly as possible. I am still having some gaps of exactly what investors think are critical. You seem to have a good handle at understanding the key issues and focusing on them right away. Using the video in the presentation or simplifying the solution slides are good examples.

Iortyer Meshach
CEO DropDash

Through my 1 on 1 call with Sawruv, I have gained tremendous clarity on the direction of my startup. He has held me by the hand and shown me important gaps I need to fill with regards to my pitchdeck, valuation and overall trajectory.
I remain deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with him and the value he has offered my start up company DropDash.

Big shout out to Sawruv!!

13 Sep 2023
The avatar image for Arjun Arora
Arjun Arora
Founder, Advisor.AI

I am founder for an AI company - working on democratizing access to world class career advice through responsible AI. Saurav helped me a lot by giving advice on process to take for business strategy and product, sharing feedback on the pitch deck and key aspects to highlight within it, and sharing best practices on tools to use for operational aspects.

4 Sep 2023

Thanks Sawruv for the candid feedback! You articulated some previously heard feedback a lot more clearly, which helped make direct changes to our deck. On the other hand, it would have been good to get a "level of confidence" associated with your feedback (e.g. "You really should change this because I've seen this mistake many times" vs "This is how I feel based on my experience, but I'm not an expert in terms of what investors are looking for in this specific industry"

Thanks again!

17 Sep 2023
Prateek Gaur
16 Jun 2023
The avatar image for Harris Fanaroff
Harris Fanaroff
Founder, Activate Onboarding
20 Apr 2023
The avatar image for Dr Amir Soltani
Dr Amir Soltani
KAN Engineering Ltd.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Sawruv via LinkedIn, and we quickly established a rapport. After our introductory call, it was evident to me that Sawruv is deeply passionate about helping founders and startups like ours achieve greater success. I've been working with Sawruv for about three months now on a regular weekly basis. With his guidance and advice, I've become more focused and persistent, elevating my company to an entirely new level. I must admit that collaborating with Sawruv is one of the best investments I've ever made for my company.

10 Aug 2023
The avatar image for Marcos Gorgojo
Marcos Gorgojo
Founder and CEO, The Faculty Club

Marcos Gorgojo, founder and CEO of The Faculty Club, a platform to decentralize corporate education. Sawruv has been instrumental in defining our ICP. His approach on building systems to identify trends in different industries is superb. Working with Sawruv is rewarding and fun. He challenges you and supports your growth.

24 Apr 2023
Michael H Peters profile photo from LinkeIn
Michael H Peters
Founder Trusted Inc

Step-by-step to a $6.8mil capital raise, for a Startup. Good stuff.

The avatar image for Arjun Arora
Arjun Arora
Founder & Entrepreneur

Thank you for putting the startup course together - it was very insightful and informative!! Appreciate it a lot as I am embarking on the next steps on this journey!

2 Sep 2023
CEO @ Cargoflip

Dmitri, CEO @ Cargoflip (B2B SaaS for logistics teams).
Sawruv gave an important view on what the most critical tasks were for us as founders. He was able to see issues we may have overlooked and bring a fresh perspective. The best thing about working with Sawruv that he was a founder himself and understand the founder mindset well.

28 Jul 2023
The avatar image for Elochukwu Okoye
Elochukwu Okoye
Career Coach & Professional CV Writer

Great value for your course videos. Thank you!

2 May 2023
The avatar image for Aarav P.
Aarav P.
Founder (Stealth)

Absolutely brilliant coaching! Sawruv had a clear and detailed approach to helping us improve our product and create a powerful angel fundraising strategy. His enthusiasm and dedication to our success have been truly inspiring. I can't recommend him enough!

30 Apr 2023