Disruption from the inside

Centralised Innovation teams are more likely to defend themselves against the nasty corporate antibodies 👇

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We need more doers!

If your organisation can't innovate, you might not have enough doers. 🔽

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This one is about nose-diving and learning to enjoy the journey.


Change can't be managed, but we keep calling it Change Management.

I learned this lesson the hard way and luckily I had a second chance.

My #ship30for30 essay today is about the 5 things I learned about change inside large organisations.
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Today's essay s about the top 5 books I recommend to anyone starting in Corporate Innovation.

The list includes inspiring stories, books you can share with your boss and straightforward advice on how to do it.

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The idea of giving up power is not very popular with managers and senior execs, but it's fundamental to create a flexible and responsive organisation.
Giving up power means bringing the everyday genius to the table. 👇
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Speaking from the heart is not a welcomed trait in many large organisations, and at the same time, it has never been more critical.

Atomic Essay #7 is about change fatigue post-2020

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This is day 8 of #ship30for30.

I learned A LOT about writing already, and I thought it would be good to do some self-reflection on how I can keep going.

This advice to myself is about Obsession and Absolute Certainty.

One of the most interesting things I did for the last 4 years was to diving into self-management organisational models.

And what a better place to try it than in Government!

I wrote about my journey in today's Atomic Essay.
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We had some decent waves yesterday here in Surf Coast.

I went to Bells Beach to check the conditions and saw a friend who had just had a massive wipeout. It inspired me to write about the closest experience I had where you can feel time stopping.

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Mindset over skills

Working in Innovation is not only about being a great designer, developer, researcher or business professional.

Focus on developing new mindsets and learning what innovation is. 🔽
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In the middle of so much action, Innovation teams can sometimes be lost in the "fuzzy" middle of a project.

Action is good, but you have to calibrate it. 🔽
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Innovation in large corporates is contaminated with bad practices. Here are three things you can avoid if you want yours to succeed 🔽

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Everyone can lead, even if you are not in a position of power. 🔽
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Learning from the bad is as valuable as learning from the good.

If you are stuck under a bad boss and can't quit right now, you can still learn... a lot. 🔽

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Fear is like disease. Unfortunately, many large organisations are already contaminated by it.

Survival in a post-pandemic world is only possible if we eradicate fear and move to a different organisational mindset.
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I get approached by a lot of people who want to work in Innovation. Unfortunately, technical talent is not correlated with risk tolerance.

"Are you willing to get fired?"

This is the question you need to ask yourself if you want to get into Innovation.
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Tuning your mind to possibility and hearing a YES when things get tricky can make a huge difference in your career in Corporate Innovation.

Don't be a NO person!
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There are 5 skills that can accelerate your impact in Corporate Innovation:
• Facilitation
• Finance
• Systems Thinking
• Lean
• Design Thinking

Without them, you will struggle to deliver impact. 🔽

Thoughtful action is one of the by-products of self-managing teams.

It's also one of the secrets to moving at peace and making things happen inside large corporates.🔽
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Enabling your team to move unconstrained and fast comes from a paradox.

Patience, reflection and time are enablers to an environment where distribution of power is the norm.
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Still thinking about how to create an enabling environment for Corporate Innovation, here is today's essay for #ship30for30 with 3 things your structure needs provide 🔽

As a designer, if you want to go deeper on your craft, an in-house job might not be for you.

Recalibrate your expectations for impact and seeing outcomes all the way through to the end instead.

Corporate Innovation is about seeking the path of least resistance 🔽
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The journey to implement self-management is long (like any other meaningful change).

A reminder to myself to look for the small wins.🔽

Research can be tricky, especially when you explore the extremes. At the same time, this is where the most powerful insights are.
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Get rid of the mental overload by eliminating cognitive taxes from your life.
It might not be an easy thing to do, but it can have a massive impact on your day-to-day. 👇

I've been very lucky to have worked with amazing bosses during my career.

Since I started leading teams, their lessons were always with me. Here is my blueprint 🔽

Day 29 of publishing one atomic essay a day for #ship30for30.
I learned a lot, mostly about fighting resistance!