The new Shoutout

Hey there! I'm Ramy and I recently acquired Shoutout from Sharath and Curtis.

If you haven't used Shoutout before, this update won't mean much to you, but if you're an existing customer or you've tried Shoutout before, you'll have noticed some changes and probably want to know more.

I'll start by saying that I understand change can be tough and you might not like some of the changes I've made. I really hope you do, but I'm open to feedback so please let me know if you have feedback, questions, or concerns.

The new Shoutout has some rough edges, but it's a solid base for me to build from so you should expect a faster pace of updates and improvements.

Shoutout has always made it super easy to collect social media shoutouts and publish them on your site. That remains as the core focus.

Other than the design & layout changes, the new Shoutout is pretty much the same as the version you're used to with a few improvements sprinkled in. Here's what's new:

  • Create multiple workspaces - Create a workspace for each product or service you want to collect shoutouts for.
  • No more Twitter login - This is the most important & most annoying update, but it's for good reason. You now have to create an email/password to log in (I'll add Google login soon). Once logged in, you can connect different Twitter accounts to different workspaces. This means you can manage shoutouts for multiple products/services from one account. You can recover your account by clicking the "Trying to log in with Twitter" link on the login page.
  • Create multiple embeds and Wall of Love links - Create multiple Wall of Love links and embeds for each workspace. Want to embed all shoutouts from your workspace on your home page, but only a select few on your pricing page? That's now super easy.
  • Import Twitter bookmarks - Sometimes people shout you out on Twitter without @mentioning you. Bookmark those Tweets and easily import them to Shoutout.
  • Less blurry profile images - This is a small one, but we were previously using blurry profile images for imported Tweets and that's now fixed so they are nice and crisp.

There's a lot more on the roadmap, but the main aim is to make it easier to collect & share shoutouts from more places (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Reviews, etc) as well as directly from customers.

Please reach out if you have ideas, feedback, concerns, or just want to chat!