Temilade A.

Switched to a PR role she's always wanted

4 Jan 2023

I've wanted to speak with a career coach for the longest time, and I finally got to 🥺

Had an enlightening (and fun!) session with @wamide_a and I can't wait to implement her feedback (I won't be lazy IJN 🙏🏾)

You can book a 1:1 coaching call with her:


Adeola M.

Firstly, I felt relief - I felt like someone heard me, could relate to my concern and proffer a solution I did not have until the call. I enjoyed the simplicity, it was straight to point & solution oriented. Thank you too for sharing those insights with me, Wamide.

31 May 2023
Chinenye A.

I got a job that captured everything I have always wanted to do. I didn't have to start from the scratch, like you told me, I already had transferable skills needed. It's been 5 months of working here, and I have been a STAR girl at my work place making bold steps and strides. Thank you Wamide.

16 Mar 2023
Eliud G.

I found your insights on recruitment of talent with non-tech people background very helpful. I was very encouraged to hear of the equal opportunities offered to people with the same skillset regardless of background.

15 Aug 2022
Olohikhuae E.

I like that you were able to highlight my strengths and put them in a way that made sense for me to consider when looking to transition. I also liked the lightness of the conversation. Even though it was a serious discussion, the fact that it felt more like a conversation helped me digest what you were saying more easily.

25 Jul 2022
Omotoyosiola S.

I enjoyed the fact that I got to unburden and had the platform to speak. You helped me see the things I was doing correctly and gave me ideas on things i should be looking at. You gave me that confidence that I am doing the correct things and I am on the right path. I felt so comfortable all through the session even when we past the time scheduled, you were still engaging with so much importance.

27 Jan 2023

You gave me clarity on the course of action to take and helped me know that I wasn’t under any pressure to rush in. You also made me know that I wasn’t alone and I could always reach out to you.

15 Sep 2022
Chinecherem J.

Talking to you made me realise why I am on this journey, and you opened my mind to other opportunities. Plus, the numerous resources you shared.

1 Oct 2022
Ogechi O.

I enjoyed the fact that you assisted me in voicing my thoughts. I felt happy with myself. The part l enjoyed most was aligning on next steps.

20 Jul 2022
Adeola A.

I felt relieved. I felt like I wasn't alone. I was reassured about my potential. I liked the questions that you asked because they helped me gain clarity on what I want in my career. Thank you Wamide.

15 Jun 2023
Mariam K.

I loved the way you were able to relate to the career crisis and how well you explained that it's a general thing.

15 Jul 2022
Ifedolapo K.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable. You helped me to see my strength and where I need to focus my learning on.

8 Jul 2022
Oluwabunmi O.

I was able to make an informed decision on the spot on my career path and I felt great

8 Jul 2022