Really loving your podcast btw. I've gone about 2 years w/o listening to the medium (all of the ones I was subscribed to started to sound the same). Yours is a very refreshing invitation back in 👍

I'm not a big podcast guy, but that may change soon.

Just finished listening to ep 42 of "Shit You Don't Learn in School" because I find the topic of death fascinating.

I was going to write a thread of takeaways, but nope - you need to listen to this episode. It's amazing.

Shit you don’t learn in school podcast is spectacular. Two brilliant millennials share the latest in life, entrepreneurship, tech, and emotions. Digital nomad, crypto, polyamory, etc. One shop stop 4 success in the next decade @stephsmithio @calvin_rosser…

This is the best podcast I've heard on this topic, by far.

Working on a thread recap for tomorrow. 👏

Loving "shit you don't learn in school." I'm curious if you know of a list of pricing models with examples for B2B and/or B2C companies. I'm trying to research what's out there. Thanks either way!

Absolutely awesome podcast by @stephsmithio and Cal. Topics and context are quite universal.

Of all the best of 2021 Podcasts I’ve listened to this week (and they’ve been a lot. This is my fav ⁦…

Absolutely love your podcast , Steph

Been listening to @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser podcasts since last week.

I love the context of "Shit You Don't Learn in School" because I, too, resonate with it.

Can we expect a video version soon? 👀

for what its worth i really enjoyed this discussion, agree with @calvin_rosser that cutting out news, particularly short lived news, is a pure win.

altho perhaps replaced by social media 😛

Btw they have a great podcast, I couldn't advise you more to listen to it

Great episode — I went back and listened twice. You both went further than the surface-level talking points in regards to remote work. My mind is blown by DAOs — it’s a real lightbulb realization for me in terms of how blockchain will disrupt the workplace.

I was just listening to your Future of Work episodes on your pod this AM!

Made me want to scream it to the heavens bc it's what I've been thinking and saying to friends/colleagues for the past few years hahaha

Love your work, and I really hope this trend does continue!

You can check out this insightful podcast by @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser where they talked about location independence and remote work. You'll love their podcasts.…

Twitter likes are nice and all, but these types of responses are 10000% more rewarding.

Death is universal, but so is human connection. 💙

Humans have been incredibly good at understanding everything but humans.

- @stephsmithio in her incredible podcast.

I'm really enjoying the "Shit You Don't Learn in School" podcast by @stephsmithio. Not marketing but I think that catchy title speaks for itself. 🙂

This was a very open and transparent conversation about death. I got emotional at different parts, and I am grateful to you and @calvin_rosser for sharing this moment with us.

Just discovered this Podcast recently and love this episode. ⁦@stephsmithio⁩ you guys are doing a fantastic job!!…

A nice evening walk with @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser podcast episode Should billionaires exist?

Simple solutions for complex problems/systems will likely backfire.

(drumroll) 🥁🥁🥁

Incentives trump everything...Again

I'm not a huge podcast person, but the ones I have liked haven't been directly about remote work but adjacent.

WorkLife by @AdamMGrant on work wellness

Shit You Don't Learn in School by @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser on rethinking norms

With the markets roiling, I’m thinking a lot about downside risk (in life and $) and how to protect yourself. This episode of Shit They Don’t Teach You in School should be required listening. @stephsmithio @calvin_rosser 💯

[Been catching up on episodes I missed. Felt compelled to weigh in.]

You & @stephsmithio are a breath of fresh air, in world where many creators are full of it/more concerned w/ social capital, rather than adding value/helping ppl. Doesn't have to be zero-sum. You both get it🙏

Listening this podcast on my way home was not a good idea - because I could barely hold back the tears while walking. That aside - what a powerful, emotional and deeply vulnerable episode this was. Thank you both!

Thank you both for such a beautiful and meaningful conversation. I think you'd also appreciate this podcast, Demented:…

Bravo for taking on such an important topic. The grief one experiences over a death is hard to relate to yet all of us will deal with it.… this episode with @calvin_rosser and @stephsmithio is well worth a listen and very timely given the current roller coaster ride on Wall Street.

To kick off my thoughts on the future of work, education & play, I'd be writing a few podcast threads summarising the main points (through my lens)

My 1st attempt: The Future of Work 👇…


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Must listen episode on Digital Security from the podcast "Shit you don't learn in school"

Tip: Listen to it like your life depends on it because it does.…

"Most creators aren't going to be successful." And most successful creators aren't going to tell you this. Respect, @stephsmithio.

Thank you for helping to normalize talk about death and grief.

Here is an essay I wrote about my brother's death from COVID-19 in February of this year, just before vaccines were widely available.

So many "what if's"

My coping mechanism: gratitude.…

I realized my remote team needed to understand me better. So I made a personal user manual (thanks for the inspiration @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser of @sydlis!!)

See my manual here...…

Congrats Steph -- excited for you both! and also not surprised by your success, you guys are doing great work with the pod 👌👌

A concept I love - "dollar-cost average" your energy

Your energy levels aren't constant - they change day-to-day

Take it easy on low-energy days & go HAM on high-energy days

Your long-term output is the same but your mental health suffers MUCH less

h/t @stephsmithio's podcast

- Thanks for the head’s-up!

Downloaded the ‘sode (I was already a subscriber to the @coreyhainesco podcast, but this episode must have got by me.)

Now going to checkout the @stephsmithio podcast as well!


My most recent follow is @sydlis (really great podcast, my favorite actually).

Reason for following:
The podcast has been going on for a little while, but they just created an account for it, so I wanted to keep up with it.

Tagging podcasts I know are women-led:

@stephsmithio - Sh*t you don't learn in school
@brianne2k - Making The Brand
@AwYeahSarah - B2B Craftworks
@camilletrent - Content Logistics
Life on hi-fi (

A Twitter follow list. Don’t remember which one. I always take a peak at lists to discover new follows. I found your tweets on extremely insightful and thought provoking which are just mini versions of the podcasts w/ @calvin_rosser

Just listened to the travel hacks episode - amazing, 4.7 google stars 😂

DCR is a must read for any marketing professional. Podcasts with Calvin are also a great listen. You should be proud of the work you do.

3) I found a very interesting podcast "Sh*t you don't learn in school" by @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser Very interesting ideas and conversations.

Listening to "35. Does Marriage, Retirement, or the 40-Hour Work Week Still Make Sense?" at

Funny how Twitter works... Thought this reply was cool, checked timeline, found your pod and goals tracker. I’m now listening to Future of Work Part 1 pod episode, and am planning to tinker with putting a front end onto my Google sheets tracker. Thx for the inspiration!

I came over between episode 30-40 because Steph was a guest on another successful podcast I listened to. She won me over in 1/2 an hour. Bought the damn book and subscribed to her pod. I’ve never done that before.

It was my first time listening to you and @calvin_rosser other than Doing Time Right. Death is guaranteed, yet so many are scared to talk about it. And unfortunately, a good amount of us will experience the aftermath of suicide. Thanks for being so vulnerable!

good episode! Really enjoying the podcast

It’s always great to ⁦stumble into a great new podcast. ⁦⁦⁩Heard about ⁦@sydlis⁩ through ⁦@myfirstmilpod⁩ (another great podcast).

Already 3 episodes in and loving it. ⁦…

I always listen to podcasts while running 🏃‍♀️ @myfirstmilpod is actually my fav as well, but there are a couple of others that I shuffle through - Brains (@Julian, @csallen), The Nathan Barry Show, @sydlis, and @AcquiredFM 🤍

Listen to the creator economy one. That was a blast!

I had the EXACT same experience with @HelixSleep. Put a lot of stock into the @tferriss recommendation and was/am disappointed. It did not measure up to they hype

This is sooooo exciting, Steph!!! Absolutely joining you on this ride and looking forward to follow your new journey!! Hope that your podcast with Calvin will also keep going & adding new episodes.
Best of luck!

hi Steph, started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and love it! Just heard you mention the tiered pricing model for your book, but can’t find any information on that model. Can you point me in the right direction so that I can learn more?

Congrats! Will you be continuing your current podcast as well?

Congratulations, @stephsmithio ! I’m hoping that you can still continue doing SYDLIS pod with this new adventure!

Pumped to hear that you'll be podcasting regularly. Really enjoy hearing you on @myfirstmilpod and the SYDLIS pod.

Congratulations Stephanie! I love listening to you and Cal on “Shit You Don’t Learn it School”. Best of luck!!!

Congratulations! Fan of @sydlis & other stuff you’ve done, excited to see what this new chapter at @future brings.

Thanks for the podcast,I enjoyed listening 👂

I have really been enjoying Sh*t you don't learn in school by Calvin Rosser and @stephsmithio

Here are a few more that have been entertaining:
The Trillionaire Mindset.
How I Built This