I'd highly recommend following @teamnocoloco / @Iruhdam24 for all NoCode related app recommendations and threads. :)

Unleash the power of @carrd 👇🏼

Nicely done Madhuri 👏🏼

Amazing session on #NOCOLOCO Design by our first female speaker of the day, Karthi Subbaraman!
Get the latest updates of #DevFest19 #devfest19Hyd #gdghyd #wtmhyd

Okay, teaching how to learn just before I begin learning? This is crazy! This is absolutely genius!!

The most important meta-skill you can learn is how to learn. @teamnocoloco has shaped the course that teaches the skill just as you begin... truly amazing!!! ✨

Linktree is gaining amazing popularity but what if you can have something similar with a great customization option.

@Iruhdam24 has build some great templates on @carrd https://t.co/zuhFXnBoLP

Tis' the season! ✨ A time to be jolly and learn no-code with @teamnocoloco! A Christmas gift to myself 💛💥


Next up in E-Summit 2021 by ACE @IIITN_OFFICIAL Day 1 we had an awesome session by @karthi2209 and @Iruhdam24 on Design and No-Code, absolutely rocking, every statement was a quote and all our attendees were sending these quotes in our whatsapp group.
@teamxperian @teamnocoloco

“Design is a collaborative sport.”

@Iruhdam24 dropping gems 💎 at ODNC1

The No-Code + Design fam just started growing in India 🇮🇳
Super happy to share this wonderful news from one of our students of the No-Code Jumpstart session.

More power to Digvijay 🚀

It depends on the context of problem you're trying to solve. And, there are plenty of tools available. Esp. if you focus on apt customer experience along with getting your MVP validated.

@Iruhdam24 & @teamxperian built @teamnocoloco to explore and learn more on this subject!

Pumped to be a "founding fellow" of the On Deck No-Code Fellowship 🎉 Thanks to @thisiskp_ for this awesome opportunity along with amazing people like @stickysisa @LaceyKesler @MichaelJNovotny and many more!

I definitely meant every word 🌻 @teamnocoloco is doing a fantastic job in creating a place for all to participate in the #NoCode world. Genuine gratitude for all the value :)

I haven’t seen a more comprehensive, thoughtful course on Carrd. Full of examples, case-studies and fun tools, this will help anyone to wield one of the powerful tools in No-Code space and feel confident on shipping products.

Go grab this. 👇🏼

Ever wondered how to master Carrd.co and stretch your limits?

@Iruhdam24 is a fantastic no-code builder who has just announced a new course, check it out:


Madhuri has put together a great course. If you are at all interested in Carrd, take advantage of this offer. 😊

Hello Everyone! here is the latest blog in our series of AMA blogs. "Building a Business Without Writing a Piece of Code" with @Iruhdam24 (Co-Founder of @teamxperian & @teamnocoloco), then definitely take a look here for some key leanings!

#NoCode #AMA

Let's break some myths of No-Code and learn better!
Learn how to approach no-code holistically with our program for nocode beginners.@teamnocoloco instagram.com/p/CIOJiF0hJBN/…

I build most of my landing pages on Carrd. But you know who I have hands down learned the most from on using Carrd? @Iruhdam24. She is now launching a course and I HIGHLY recommend you take it. Pre-orders are now live: course-of.carrd.co

Thank you, Karthi! The lastest burst of explosiveness is the online @teamnocoloco sessions :D ✨🙏💥

Looks great, Madhuri! Love the landing page, too! Appreciate all of the great designs you've worked so hard to create - and such great support, too - hope others buy as many of your great @carrd themes as we did! (love them all :)

Whoa! Great work!

A jumpstart program designed to empower you with fundamentals of No-Code - super opportunity for non coders and non tech people to learn to build digital products - shop.xperian.xyz/no-code-jumpst… !! @Iruhdam24 @karthi2209

Had the most exciting call today morning with @karthi2209 and @Iruhdam24 where we brainstormed about 'How might we automate and make Design Research a great experience?' Karthi and Madhuri fueled @avi18agarwal and I with crazy 'No Code' ideas. Kudos Karthi & Madhuri 😍

Where to start:
- @retool @webflow @glideapps @appsheet @makerpad
- @rrhoover @ProductHunt called it early goldmine for new tools
- 🇮🇳 @teamnocoloco @Iruhdam24 @teamxperian
... and a wide open future ahead 🚀

Love the learnings and knowledge sharing at @teammakersguild @teamnocoloco
🙏 for the share @Iruhdam24

& @teamnocoloco recently got featured in a Times of India Article about how there are bigger skills to learn than just coding.

Read it in full here: epaper.timesgroup.com/Olive/ODN/Time…

is one of the most helpful people I know. Always generous with her time and ideas..
And a no-code mega-geek :)

More power to you Madhuri and @teamnocoloco

Sometimes I cannot believe the free advice and insights I gather from my interviews with insanely talented Makers.

Tomorrow I release an interview from all-start Maker @Iruhdam24. See what gems she shares from shipping 30+ products. Newsletter: bit.ly/39ieIdv

ODNC2 fellows, don't hesitate to reach out to @Iruhdam24 for her hot takes on design, Carrd, Webflow and using Notion in creative ways ⚡️

What a great initiative!
Please sign up guild.xperian.org

Thank you team @teamnocoloco and @Iruhdam24 for always being helpful 🙏🌼 if anyone wants to learn about 'No code' follow her and subscribe to youtube.com/c/Nocoloco

Team @teamxperian had held an amazing Webflow workshop. I really liked how they are honest to core, empathetic, and deep experts at what they do. @arjunphlox has been a great teacher. I am also creating projects in Webflow for fun now. Here is one of them:

I interviewed @Iruhdam24 who dropped 3 hard truths about building products with no-code. After shipping 30+ products and generating $400k+ in revenue she speaks from experience.

I summarized a few of those below. Full interview: sideprojectstack.com/build-a-busine…

Build software without code! 👀

Join us ⁠next Friday for our first ever workshop, "A Jumpstart On Building Tech Products With No-Code", led by @iruhdam24 (Founder, Nocoloco) & @tamborini_ (Founder, Toolstack.co).

Register here: tinyurl.com/FCANoCodeWorks…


Thanks @Iruhdam24 and @karthi2209 for your candid and insightful takes on no-code and product. I learnt more in this conversation about no-code than everything I have been trying to read and catch up with! Sharing a thread of some of your awesome (formated to fit) quotes. +

Curated no-code landscape course is on a generous free offer from Madhuri and team.

They've tested 120+ nocode platforms & compiled them in a neat little package. Great for anyone who's curious about no-code.

Abhijeet W

Delighted to receive certificate of completion from Xperian today for "Product Design Learnstreams". Remember the days when I used to look forward to Karthi Subbaraman's sessions every weekday. And, discussions with Shivranjan Kolvankar and other learners.

మిస్స్ అవ్వదు.. నేను ఇందులో ఉన్న కంటంట్ చూసా. 👌👌👌 గో ఫర్ ఇట్

Interview with Madhuri
Side Project Stack

Michael of Side Project stack interviews Madhuri on shipping 30+ Projects & making over $400,000 in the process.

If you are considering #NoCode, there's no better place to start than this guide to #NoCode landscape by @Iruhdam24.

P.S: It's FREE!

My latest product made first sale on @gumroad
product URL:

It was none other than @Iruhdam24 who encouraged me to come on her LIVE show youtu.be/vz_ojvHm-ls?t=…
(a must watch for all no-code enthusiasts)

For me, this sale unlocks quite many learnings👇

A big thank you to @Iruhdam24 and @5harath who joined me in representing ODNC 1.
If you don't know them, they are extremely talented builders who are exceedingly generous with their time and support, so please follow their work.

Normally the jaded me would say this is a gimmick I would not care about

But right now i see so many lovely flashes of growth brilliance 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 in your timeline that I will click on every link! ☺

Plus, no code is the future as @177pc never ceases to hammer the point home! 🙏🏻

Thanks for having us again and for being an awesome host, Madhuri! Happy to share and talk about all things no-code 🙌✨

Thank you @Iruhdam24 for being such a fantastic host and for giving us makers such a beautiful platform to showcase our work on!

Cheers to the many more episodes ahead 🍻 and cheers to NoCode! 🥂

An underrated strategy that many founders are sleeping on

Credit: @Iruhdam24

Awesome Figma sessions by @arjunphlox by Makers guild sessions by @teamxperian

Never learned Figma in such an interesting format 🔥

Kudos to my fig mentor Arjun, @Iruhdam24, and other folks behind Makers Guild

Check more about Makers Guild here - guild.xperian.org

Sahil Dabas

I want to take out some time today and thank Karthi Subbaraman and the whole Xperian team for creating such an amazing community that helps you learn and grow in a commendable manner. You get to learn so much I can't even begin to explain.

So, last month as a maker( that's what we call ourselves in the maker's guild community) I took up the #visual30D challenge and decided to learn something new each day be it in terms of UI, Sketching, Motions etc. and got to learn so much along with building a habit and being held accountable. So, if you're someone who wants to network, learn and challenge yourself. I'd highly recommend you to checkout Maker's Guild. Link is in the first comment below and see ya on the other side 👋.

P.S: Here's a screenshot of how my Figma art board is looking after 30 Days of practising and I know I need to start to organise my frames.

Source code is not what's important -- full access to your own data is what's important.

With no-code, as long as you have your data, you can migrate from one service to another if you need to.



The no-code landscape was beautiful!

Kudos to the team at @teamxperian for putting that up 🙌

Every masterclass raises the bar @BuildBySTL in terms of value it creates for the builders and actionable takeaways to go & build 🔥

Today was no different with the master @Iruhdam24 weaving her magic and sharing the no-code universe 👏🙌

Totally convinced now that I can build things too even if I don't know how to code extensively.

Super productive Saturday!

- Weekend Design Workshops with @teamxperian @karthi2209 @Iruhdam24
- Insurjo's week 7 session though joined very late but youtube is a saviour xD
- @TheProductfolks Monthly townhall meeting and fun

Learnings/ Notes coming up soon...
Stay Tuned!

's session on No Code tools was too cool. Thanks for reiterating the fact that the value you offer through your project is more important than the technicalities involved in the solution. Thanks to @BuildBySTL #LetsDoThis

I highly recommend the #NoCode Jumpstart program by @teamxperian for anyone interested in launching their business online. @karthi2209, @Iruhdam24 & team are excellent mentors for getting introduced to the world of NoCode

We hosted our first guest session by @Iruhdam24 last week for NoCode Mastery course led by @aditikothari_ on @airtribe_live.

The whole session provided great insight into different use cases of NoCode tools.

Sharing my notes on the 3 case-studies we discussed.

My 1st 🧵 👇🏻