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Attract more customers by highlighting why people trust you

Shoutout makes it incredibly easy to tap into your social proof and turn it into a beautiful wall of love or testimonial slider. Collect, curate, and publish testimonials in less than 3 minutes 👇

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We Twitter

Getting shoutouts on Twitter? Import them from your Twitter mentions & bookmarks to create a wall of love or testimonial slider in seconds.

Show the world that people love you so much, they're talking about you in front of all of their friends and followers

Collect testimonials with ease

Asking your customers for testimonials can be awkward. Make it easy for yourself and your customers with a slick form that makes sharing text or video testimonials a breeze.

A screenshot of a form used for collecting testimonials from customers

Organize your social proof

Managing multiple products or services? No problem! Create separate workspaces for collecting, managing, and publishing testimonials.

A screenshot of the Shoutout admin panel showing a dropdown for switching between workspaces

Add testimonials to your website

You've done the hard part of collecting testimonials from customers, but they're not useful if no one sees them. Shoutout makes it super easy to add testimonials to your website as a wall of love or a slider/carousel (like the "dark mode" one below).